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I-69 in Texas Is Needed

Federal legislation has authorized the development of the I-69 system in Texas along specified U.S. routes, including US 59. The development of I-69 in Texas would relieve traffic congestion caused by a growing population, provide safer travel through the state, improve evacuation routes and support economic development. Existing US 59 does not have the capacity to serve projected traffic volumes and does not meet interstate standards through Polk County.

Current Status

In 2008, the Texas Transportation Commission created the I-69 Advisory and five I-69 Segment Committees to increase citizen and community input in the planning of I-69 in Texas. The TxDOT Lufkin District, using the Segment Two Committee Report and I-69 Implementation Strategy Report, has begun efforts to prioritize, coordinate and manage the development of I-69 projects in Polk County.

On June 28, 2012, TxDOT was allocated $5 million for project development services related to the development of I-69 in Polk County from South of Corrigan to North of Corrigan. The Corrigan Relief Route project has become TxDOT’s focus in Polk County, and there are no other I-69 projects within the county under development at this time.

Utilizing the Committee’s Executive Summary and I-69 Advisory Committee’s Implementation Plan, the Lufkin District identifies projects to propose for listing in TxDOT’s 10-year Unified Transportation Program (UTP). The UTP is neither a budget nor a guarantee that projects will or can be built. However, it is a critical tool in guiding project development within the long term planning context. It also serves as a communication tool for stakeholders in understanding TxDOT project development commitments.

Projects Under Development

  • US 59 Corrigan Relief Route (CSJs: 0176-04-056 and 0176-05-105) – TxDOT began using the $5 million of allocated funds to initiate the project development process which includes environmental studies, schematic development and right of way mapping for the US 59 Corrigan Relief Route.

    In the December 2017 UTP, the Texas Transportation Commission allocated construction funding for the US 59 Corrigan Relief Route. In March 2018, TxDOT received approval of the schematic and environmental assessment (environmental document). With the construction funding allocated, the $158 million dollar project is proposed to go to bid for construction in 2022. More information about this project is also available on the US 59 Corrigan Relief Route (Future I-69) project page. Also see information presented from previous Polk County I-69 public meetings.

At this time, there are no other I-69 projects under development in Angelina County. The Lufkin District will continue to evaluate the recommendations and priorities provided by the various committees to identify smaller, more fundable projects for development. The recommendations from the committees serve as a guide for TxDOT to consider when identifying projects to develop and do not represent definitive decisions on routes or right of way needs. Routes and right of way needs are not determined until TxDOT receives approval of the schematic and environmental study.

TxDOT continues to have funding shortfalls in excess of $4 billion per year which makes the financing and delivery of roadway projects challenging. TxDOT will work to develop a long-term strategy to identify funding. This may include federal, state and local resources as well as innovative financing tools such as tolls, establishment of a transportation reinvestment zone (TRZ), local participation in right-of-way costs and donations from local land owners. Despite the funding shortfalls, TxDOT remains committed and understands the importance of advancing I-69 throughout Texas, including Polk County.

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