Projects & Studies

I-69 Funded ProjectsAs a foundation for the development of I-69 in Texas, the I-69 Advisory and Segment Committees all recommend using existing highways. Today, there are freeway sections along the I-69 Texas system that may already approach interstate quality. Under the direction of the I-69 Citizen Committees, TxDOT is evaluating highways along the planned route and working with the Federal Highway Administration and other partners to have suitable sections receive the interstate designation. Currently, there are 140 miles of I-69 Texas.

Over $900 million is currently dedicated to the development of I-69 Texas projects. The I-69 Funded Projects map details funding for studies, design and construction. As additional funding becomes available, existing highways will be improved in a series of small, local-level projects. Piece by piece, these improvements will connect with other interstate-designated sections to extend I-69 across the state.