Will my property be affected or taken? If it is impacted, how will I be compensated?

The segment and advisory committees stressed that TxDOT should keep road improvements for I-69 within and along existing highway right of way to the greatest extent possible. For much of the I-69 Texas system, new right of way will not be needed for many years.

Future Right of Way Needs

Should future portions require additional right of way, TxDOT must carefully follow federal and state law and only obtain the property it needs for the highway project.

Market Value of Property

Affected property owners must be adequately compensated for the market value of the property, as established by an independent state-certified real estate appraiser, that is acquired and certain damages, if any, to remaining property and also compensated for necessary relocation expenses to the remaining property not acquired.

Relocation Benefits

In addition, a displaced property owner may be entitled to certain relocation benefits

Note: "Compensation" required for real property interests is distinguishable and handled differently from relocation benefits).

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