I-35E Managed Lanes - RFQ qualification
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I-35E Managed Lanes - RFQ qualification

Statements Below is a listing of submitter names and major equity members for the IH 35E Managed Lanes Project Request for Qualifications (RFQ). The list of qualification statements received is divided between Design-Build Delivery Approach and the Toll Concession Delivery Approach.

Design-Build delivery approach

Name Major Equity Members
Dallas to Denton Constructors
  • Zachry Construction Corporation
  • SNC-Lavalin Inc.
AGL Constructors
  • Archer Western Contractors, LLC (AW)
  • Granite Construction Company (Granite)
  • The LANE Construction Company (LANE)
Northern Link Constructors
  • Fluor Enterprises, Inc. (Fluor)
  • Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. (BBII)
  • Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. (Kiewit)
Northern Corridor Contractors
  • Dragados, S.A.
  • Austin Bridge & Road, L.P.
  • Pulice Construction, Inc.
  • Mario Sinacola & Sons Excavating, Inc.
IH 35E Infrastructure
  • Ferrovial Agroman S.A.
  • Webber, LLC
  • Texas Sterling Construction Co.