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Outdoor Advertising Signs

TxDOT, through the department's Right of Way Division, regulates the display of off-premise outdoor advertising signs along highways regulated by the Highway Beautification Act (HBA) and all other highways and roads located outside of the corporate limits of cities, towns and villages in Texas under the State Rural Roads Act (RRA).

Sign owners may need to obtain an outdoor advertising license and permit, depending on location and other regulations. For more information, review the rules for signs along highways and rural roads. The program does not include signs located within the state right of way, including traffic signs, memorial signs or logo signs.

To report alleged violations of law and rules for off-premise outdoor advertising signs, submit an Outdoor Advertising Sign Complaint.

If you are interested in receiving notifications regarding the Outdoor Advertising Regulatory program for billboards (including announcements of any future rule changes) please provide your email and join the Contact Request list.

License and Permit Fees

Due to the recent changes to Chapter 394 of the Texas Transportation Code, the Texas Transportation Commission has revised the rules regulating outdoor advertising signs. The revisions to the rules became effective April 19, 2012, and now require rural road sign owners to have an Outdoor Advertising License. If you do not have an Outdoor Advertising License, please ensure that you apply for a license by completing form ROW-OA-1 (Outdoor Advertising License Application) and ROW-OA-2 (Outdoor Advertisers Bond).

Note: You must have an Outdoor Advertising License issued to you prior to applying for a permit.

Effective May 28, 2012, all fees remitted for outdoor advertising transactions must be payable to TxDOT Outdoor Advertising. Forms for submission with payments can be found through Outdoor Advertising Forms.

Ready to Renew your Outdoor Advertising Licenses and Permits?

Follow these 5 simple steps to renew your Outdoor Advertising Licenses and Permits online:

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  2. Select options
  3. Review order
  4. Pay renewal fee (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or electronic check)
  5. Print receipt page

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License Fees Cost
Application fee for License $125
Annual License Renewal fee $75
Late fee for Annual License Renewal $100

Permit Fees Cost
Application fee for Permit $100
Annual Permit Renewal fee $75
Late fee for Annual Permit Renewal $100
Permit Transfer fee $25
Replacement Plate fee $25
Application fee for non-profit Sign Permit $10

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