The product evaluation program evaluates submissions that can benefit TxDOT efforts associated with traffic control, materials, construction and/or maintenance of highways, streets, bridges and related Infrastructure, for use by TxDOT districts or TxDOT contractors. TxDOT does not participate in product development. Eligible products must be non-hazardous and commercially available for purchase by the general public.

Submission Determination

The product evaluation process is as follows:

  1. Review if the product is already approved by TxDOT
  2. Review the Compliant Work Zone Traffic Control Device List. For products that meet a listed device’s requirements, submit to TXDOT address on page U-4.
  3. Review the Roadway Illumination and Electrical Supplies. For products that meet a listed item's requirements, submit per the bottom of page 1.
  4. Review the Division Specifications. For products that meet a Division Specification, submit per the specification's instructions.
  5. Review the Standard Specification Index. For products that meet a Standard Specification, submit per the specification's instructions.
  6. Review the Departmental Material Specification. For materials that meet a Departmental Material Specification, submit per the specification's instructions.
  7. Review the TXDOT Approved Erosion Control Products and Vendors. Erosion control products should be submitted to Sediment and Erosion Control Laboratory (SEC Lab).
  8. If the product does not apply to 1–7, submit a Product Evaluation Request.

Review and Evaluation

TxDOT product evaluation process information can be found in the RTI Research Manual, Chapter 10.

If a need for the product is determined by initial evaluators, the product evaluation administrator will contact you with next steps for a field evaluation. The installation and evaluation shall be performed with TxDOT’s oversight and direction. TxDOT shall provide a location, to be agreed upon, and if needed, traffic control.

The timeline for TxDOT to complete an evaluation varies widely. It is influenced by many factors, including the type of product being evaluated.

  • Note: A review and/or evaluation does not guarantee that a product will be approved.

Favorable Product Evaluations

Selling to TxDOT or contractors – You will need to provide TxDOT's approval documentation and Special Specification signed off.

All Approved Product Evaluations expire (3) years from the date the product approval was issued. The vendor email address on the Product Evaluation Request form shall be contacted for a renewal of the Product Approval Letter within 60 days of the expiration date. Verification requires confirmation by the vendor that the approved product has not been modified during the approval period..

Unfavorable Product Evaluations and No Interest Letters

Products that receive an unfavorable evaluation or no interest letter may be resubmitted by the vendor 12 months after the response is received. All modifications and changes to the product should be noted on the resubmittal of the product evaluation form.

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