New Product Evaluation

The Product Evaluation program evaluates new products for use by TxDOT personnel or TxDOT contractors. Eligible products must be commercially available.

Note: TxDOT does not participate in product development.


The product evaluation process is as follows:

  1. Determine if the product is already approved by TxDOT
  2. Review the Compliant Work Zone Traffic Control Device List. For products that meet a listed device’s requirements, submit to TXDOT address on page U-4.
  3. Review the Roadway Illumination and Electrical Supplies. For products that meet a listed item's requirements, submit per the bottom of page 1.
  4. Review the Division Specifications. For products that meet a Division Specification, submit per the specification's instructions.
  5. Review the Standard Specification Index. For products that meet a Standard Specification, submit per the specification's instructions.
  6. Review the Departmental Material Specification. For materials that meet a Departmental Material Specification, submit per the specification's instructions.
  7. Review the TXDOT Approved Erosion Control Products and Vendors. Erosion control products should be submitted to Sediment and Erosion Control Laboratory (SEC Lab).
  8. If the product does not apply to 1–7, submit a Product Evaluation Request.

Review and Evaluation

TxDOT determines whether there is a need for the product. We may ask you to supply your product, at no charge, for field evaluation.

The timeline for TxDOT to complete an evaluation varies widely. It is influenced by many factors, including the type of product being evaluated.

  • Note: A review and/or evaluation does not guarantee that a product will be approved.

Favorable Product Evaluations

Selling to TxDOT or Contractors – You will need to provide TxDOT's approval documentation.

Unfavorable Product Evaluations

Products that receive an unfavorable evaluation may be resubmitted by the vendor six months after the response is received. All modifications and changes to the product should be noted on the resubmittal of the Product Evaluation form.

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