Business Contacts

Division Contact Person Phone # Area of Business
Aviation Anna Saldana
(512) 416-4516
Aviation Information
Bridge Jon T. Ries
(512) 416-2191

Bridge Standards
Civil Rights Tonia Yarbrough

(512) 416-4700

DBE Information
SBE Information
Texas Unified Certification Program (TUCP)
Construction Jesse Lineberger
(512) 416-2491
(800) 687-3525
Construction and Maintenance Contract Letting
Construction Greg Williams

(512) 416-2497

Contractor Prequalification
Bidders List
Bidders Questionnaire
Addenda (primary)
iCX (Electronic Bidding System)
Bid Errors
Construction David Shon
(512) 416-2495
Bid Proposal Request System (BPRS)
Construction Michael Smith
(512) 416-2425

Awarded Construction and Maintenance Projects
Construction Jennifer Keller
(512) 416-2465

Railroad Right of Entry (ROE)
Bid Tabulations and Totals
Notice to Contractors
Addenda (secondary)
Construction Joe Graff
(512) 416-2512

Special Provisions/Specifications
Change Orders
Construction Cullen Pfeiffer
(512) 416-2541

Construction Reports
Construction Crystal Woodruff

(512) 416-2524

Monthly Estimate Reports
Construction Brett Haggerty
(512) 506-5808

Materials Information
Departmental Material Specifications
Material Producer List
Design Maria G. Burke

(512) 416-2703

Addenda - Construction
Design Vincent Parker (512) 416-2656

Roadway Standards
Design Jason Pike
Info Tech Inc.
(512) 416-2338
(352) 381-4400
Estimator Converter and Catalog
Environmental Affairs Lane Ellis

(512) 416-2109

Scientific Services Contracts
Financial Management
Sandy Wallace
Christina Cabello
(512) 416-2595
(512) 416-2618
Letting Schedules
Cancelled Projects - State let construction and maintenance
Financial Management
Christina Cabello

(512) 416-2618

Notice to Contractors
List Showing Order of Bids
Pre-bid Conference
Information Management
Becky Lucas
(512) 416-2118

Maintenance Monica Merrill

(512) 416-2519

Bid Tabulations and Totals - Local let maintenance
Bidders List - Local let maintenance
Bid Proposals - Local let maintenance
Cancelled Projects - Local Let Maintenance
Average Low Bid Unit Price - Maintenance
Awarded Projects - Local let maintenance
Addenda - Maintenance
Professional Engineering Procurement Services
Paula McGinley

(512) 416-2218

Professional Services Contract Information
Precertification Process
Right of Way Gus Cannon
(512) 416-2852

ROW Acquisition Contracts
Traffic Operations
Jan Roberts

(512) 416-3118

Traffic Engineering Standard Plan Sheets