Local Government Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Webinar

The goal of the Local Government (LG) compliance training on the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program is to ensure that LG personnel are knowledgeable concerning all monitoring/compliance requirements contained in 49 CFR Part 26, and the DBE special provisions.


Complete Video

Title Duration YouTube PDF
LG DBE Compliance Training Webinar 1:23:21

Video Segments

Title Duration YouTube
Intro to the LG DBE Webinar 2:31
Purpose of Webinar 1:12
Training Topics 1:11
LG DBE Compliance Guide  0:55
DBE Program Overview and Objectives 2:07
DBE Program Authorities 10:20
DBE Program Responsibility 7:56
Texas Unified Certification Program 1:29
Counting DBE Participation 7:50
Commercially Useful Function (CUF) 4:40
Contract Letting 1:12
Good Faith Efforts Process 5:10
Race-Neutral Participation 1:31
Contract Award and Subcontract Execution 0:58
Project Coordination and Pre-Construction Meeting 1:13
Performing a CUF Review 5:03
Payments 5:11
Joint Checks 1:57
Assistance to DBE Firms 0:40
Change Orders 1:10
Termination and Substitution Requests 5:00
Monitoring DBE Activity 0:55
Enforcement 0:49
Project Close Out 1:37
Resources 0:32
Q&A 17:44