The goal of the Local Government (LG) compliance training on the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program is to ensure that LG personnel are knowledgeable concerning all monitoring/compliance requirements contained in 49 CFR Part 26, and the DBE special provisions.


Complete Video

Title Duration YouTube PDF
LG DBE Compliance Training Webinar 1:23:21

Video Segments

Title Duration YouTube
Intro to the LG DBE Webinar 2:31
Purpose of Webinar 1:12
Training Topics 1:11
LG DBE Compliance Guide  0:55
DBE Program Overview and Objectives 2:07
DBE Program Authorities 10:20
DBE Program Responsibility 7:56
Texas Unified Certification Program 1:29
Counting DBE Participation 7:50
Commercially Useful Function (CUF) 4:40
Contract Letting 1:12
Good Faith Efforts Process 5:10
Race-Neutral Participation 1:31
Contract Award and Subcontract Execution 0:58
Project Coordination and Pre-Construction Meeting 1:13
Performing a CUF Review 5:03
Payments 5:11
Joint Checks 1:57
Assistance to DBE Firms 0:40
Change Orders 1:10
Termination and Substitution Requests 5:00
Monitoring DBE Activity 0:55
Enforcement 0:49
Project Close Out 1:37
Resources 0:32
Q&A 17:44