Auctions and Sales of State Property
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Texas Department of Transportation
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Surplus Property (office supplies, vehicles and equipment)

TxDOT surplus property is advertised and sold directly to eligible Texas entities or is auctioned online to the general public if eligible entities do not request it during the advertisement period. The exception is computer equipment that, if not requested by eligible entities, is donated to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice computer recovery program for Texas schools. The Texas Facilities Commission, by state statute, administers the state surplus property program.

Who is eligible to purchase surplus property from TxDOT?

Eligible Texas entities for the first 10 business days, then the general public may purchase if not bought. 
We advertise surplus property for 10 business days, which only eligible Texas entities may purchase.

How To:

  • Eligible entities submit an intent to purchase letter on the entity’s letterhead and that includes contact name, address, phone number and signature of the authorized representative

  • Email requests to SSD_SurplusPropertyRequest or fax to 512-416-2303

  • All sales are handled as first-come, first-served, except that state agencies have priority over other eligible entities

  • TxDOT sends a letter to the purchasing entity with instructions on payment and other requirements

  • Property will not be released to the purchaser until payment and all required documentation is received. TxDOT reserves the right to cancel or suspend a sale if there is a need for the property by the state.


  • All surplus and salvage property is sold as-is, where-is, with no expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of merchantability. All sales are final; no refunds are allowed

  • Except for sales to eligible entities during the advertisement period, all sales are subject to a purchaser fee

  • Purchasers are responsible for paying any applicable taxes unless they provide a resale or tax-exempt certificate

  • Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the sale or to retrieve purchased property may result in the forfeiture of funds and the property reverting back to the state of Texas. This action may negatively impact a purchaser’s ability to receive TxDOT surplus property in the future

  • Surplus computer equipment is only offered to eligible Texas entities, not to the general public

  • TxDOT policy prohibits department employees from purchasing department surplus property. This restriction, however, does not apply to surplus property sold by other state agencies or political subdivisions

For more information on surplus property sales, please send an email or call 512-574-9721.

For more information on salvage property and recycling, or to be added to our bidder lists, please send an email.

Note: This section does not apply to the sale of right of way or other real property. Information is available on the Real Estate Management and Development webpage.


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