Central Texas Turnpike System Bonds

The Central Texas Turnpike System (CTTS) brings congestion relief to I-35 and surrounding arterial roads in Travis and Williamson Counties, as well as the Central Texas region. The CTTS also improves mobility and safety by providing more transportation options for commuters, businesses and motorists.


The CTTS currently consists of the following four elements:

SH 130 Element: Segments 1 through 4 of State Highway 130 (SH 130), from Interstate Highway 35 (IH 35) to United States Highway 183 (US 183). This element is 49.0 miles long extending from IH 35 near State Highway 195, north of Georgetown, Texas, southward to US 183, southeast of Austin, and provides an eastern alternative to IH 35.

SH 45N Element: State Highway 45 North. This element is 12.8 miles long extending from US 183 on the west to SH 130 on the east and provides an east-west roadway for the Austin metropolitan area.

Loop 1 Element: The north extension of Loop 1. This element is 4.0 miles long extending northward from the non-tolled portion of Loop 1 at Parmer Lane to the SH 45N Element and is a major north-south route of the CTTS.

SH 45SE Element: State Highway 45 Southeast. This element links IH 35 at FM 1327, north of the City of Buda, to the junction of SH 130 and US 183 near Mustang Ridge. The 7.0 mile long facility is a four-lane roadway with controlled access and a wide center median. SH 45SE was financed by the Texas Transportation Commission with cash on deposit in the State Highway Fund, and added to the CTTS by a minute order of the Commission adopted on Aug. 30, 2012, and effective on Sept. 1, 2012.

Outstanding Obligations

Currently, outstanding obligations issued to finance certain costs of the initial phase of the CTTS are the following:

  • Central Texas Turnpike System First Tier Revenue Refunding Put Bonds, Series 2015-A (the “Series 2015-A Bonds”)
  • Central Texas Turnpike System First Tier Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2015-B (the “Series 2015-B Bonds”)
  • Central Texas Turnpike System Second Tier Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2015-C (the “Series 2015-C Bonds”)
  • Central Texas Turnpike System First Tier Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2012-A (the “Series 2012-A Bonds”)
  • Central Texas Turnpike System First Tier Revenue Bonds, Series 2002-A (the “Series 2002-A Bonds”)

Bond Information

Series CUSIP Base No.


Official Statement/ Remarketing Memorandum
88283K A A3 A
88283K A A3 A
88283K BBB+ Baa1 A-
88283K A A3 A
882762 A A3 A


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