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Submitting an RFR

Go to the Request for Reimbursement Main Menu (Click on the Request for Reimbursement button on the top of any RFR page). On the left side of the main menu under “Status Management”, you will find a drop down box under “next possible statuses”. The RFR may either be submitted or cancelled. To submit an RFR, choose “RFR submitted” from the dropdown box and click on Change Status.

If any of the RFR pages contain errors, an error message will appear reflecting the pages with errors. Simply click on the error page link to revisit the page and make corrections. Once corrections are made, remember to click on the Save button.

Once all errors are resolved, click on the change status button to submit the RFR. If no errors are present, a confirmation box will appear. Click on the I Agree button to submit the RFR.

Note: eGrants will not allow an organization to submit an RFR unless the organization has previously submitted a Performance Report for the corresponding time period.