Table of Contents

Other Miscellaneous (700)

Indicate type of purchase from the drop down menu PI&E Educational Items, PI&E Educational Items, or Other.

Enter a short description of the miscellaneous cost items in the Description box as this is a required field.

Enter Unit Price and Quantity of the other miscellaneous goods purchased.

Click on Save to calculate the total.

Allocate the amount by entering the TxDOT and Match amounts in the appropriate boxes. (Note: The allocated amounts must equal the calculated total amount).

Provide any comments in the Comments box.

Attach documentation to support the supplies expenditure i.e., invoice, receipt, etc. To attach a document click the Browse button, navigate to the location on your computer or on your network where the file is located, click the file you want to attach, and then click the Open button.

Click on the Save button.

To request reimbursement for additional other miscellaneous items, click on the Add button to create another Other Miscellaneous (700) page.

Note: After you save two or more pages, a drop down box will appear at the top right of your screen indicating the saved pages. Click on the items in the dropdown box to bring you back to that particular page.