Table of Contents

Indirect Cost (800)

eGrants provides the indirect cost rate percentage that is identified in the grant agreement.

Note: Do not provide information on this page if your grant agreement does not contain indirect costs – budget category 800.

Check the boxes in the appropriate budget categories that the organization’s indirect cost rate is applied to in the “Indirect Cost Rate Applied to field”. Note: Only those budget categories identified in the grant may be selected.

Click on the Save button to calculate the Total Selected Amount. eGrants will calculate the amount based on the indirect cost rate percentage, the budget categories selected, and the dollar amounts included in the RFR.

Enter an exception amount and exception reason, if applicable

Click on the Save button to calculate the Total Cost

Allocate the total cost by placing amounts in the TxDOT and/or Match boxes. Note: The allocated amounts must equal the calculated total amount.

Click on the Save button.