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Travel and Per Diem (300)

A short description of the travel costs must be typed in the Description box as this is a required field.

Enter all travel expenses for the reporting period in the appropriate rows.

Indicate whether the costs are to be reimbursed by TxDOT or reflected as local Match by allocating the amounts in the appropriate TxDOT or Match boxes.

Note:The State of Texas reimbursable mileage rate (effective July 1, 2008) is $0.50 per mile. Subgrantees should ensure that the organizationís policies are reflect the State mileage rate in order to receive full reimbursement for the rate.

Note: Personnel mileage must be listed on the Non Enforcement Mileage line.

Enter the organizationís travel expenses for Non Enforcement Mileage, Air Fare, Hotel Expenses, Total Meals, Vehicle Rental, and Other expenses in the Unit Price box and the Quantity box.

Click on the Save button to calculate.

Allocate theamounts by entering the TxDOT and Match amounts in the appropriate boxes. (Note:The allocated amounts must equal the calculated total amount).

Attach documentation to support each travel expenditure, i.e., invoice, receipt, etc. To attach a document click the Browse button, navigate to the location on your computer or on your network where the file is located, click the file you want to attach, and then click the Open button.

After entering information into the system, click the Save button.  When the page is saved, the document is uploaded to the server.  To view the document that was attached, simply click the link to the file.  If the document is changed before the RFR is submitted, the document must be deleted and reattached to the RFR.

Once completed, click the Save button.

Note: The state rate for reimbursement for a hotel room is $85 per night, not including applicable state, city, county and other local taxes. The taxes are also reimbursable expenses and can be added to the $85 per night room rate.

Example: An employee stays one night at a hotel at the state of Texas rate of $85. The receipt will show the $85 room rate plus applicable taxes. Reimbursable expenses include:

Hotel Room $85.00

State Occupancy Tax $ 5.10       
†††    City Occupancy Tax $ 5.95 
†††    Total Hotel Cost $96.05

Note: The state rate for reimbursement for meals cannot exceed $36 per day. Subgrantees must adhere to local policies; however, TxDOT does not allow for a $36 daily per diem. Instead all meals are reimbursed based on actual costs incurred. The eGrants system, as well as many program/project managers, will request that receipts be submitted to substantiate all costs incurred.

Provide any comments in the Comments box.

Notice that the Travel and Per Diem Page has an ADDĒ button, meaning that multiple pages can be saved. Therefore, a subgrantee can submit travel expenses several different ways. For example, if multiple people have traveled for the reporting period, all travel expenses can be entered for one individual on one page. Save the page. Click on the ADD button to create a new Travel and Per Diem Page, then enter all travel expensed for that individual and Save the Page.

Note: After you save two or more pages, a drop down box will appear at the top right of your screen indicating the saved pages. Click on the items in the dropdown box to bring you back to that particular page.