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Baseline Information

Enter Baseline year. Baseline data must be no older than 2012. A baseline number is for calendar year 2012 or later data, excluding any activity generated with STEP grant dollars. For example, if the most recent data available for a first year project is through December 2012, then the baseline year would be January 2012 through December 2012.

Baseline year dates must be presented in the following format (dd/mm/yyyy).

The eGrants system requests baseline measure information based on the STEP elements selected in the Program Element Selection page.

Attach speed and Occupant Protection data by clicking on the Browse button and locating the survey data file in your computer system. Click on “Open” in your browser to attach the file.

Note: Only one file can be attached. Use the attachments page to add as many attachments as necessary.

Some questions ask for survey data. Survey data cannot be older than 13 months from start of the grant period. Therefore, this data must not be older than September 1, 2013, and must follow TxDOT survey data protocol. These procedures can be found on the Buckle Up Texas website ( Click on the “Survey Tools” link. An agency may utilize the survey data used as a post-survey for the preceding year, for the pre-survey for the upcoming year provided the survey data is no older than September 1, .

Use Support document not included in survey data to attach any non-survey data, such as documentation to support a STEP speed element with a speed compliance rate higher than 50%.

Click here to see Traffic Safety RFP Instructions.

Click on the Save button.