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Wave Period Selection

Choose the Wave Periods that your agency plans to work by clicking on the appropriate boxes.

The Christmas/New Year’s Day period, Labor Day period and Memorial Day period are mandatory Wave periods and must be checked.

A maximum of six (6) Wave periods may be selected, including Local Holiday/Special Event.

Special Event period is defined as: A time period where the community sees an increase in traffic volume and increased enforcement would prove beneficial (Examples: County Fair, local rodeos, conventions, beach/lake traffic etc...). The Special Event period consists of a minimum of 4 and no more than 7 consecutive days of enforcement. Special Event periods cannot be scheduled during any of the other required or optional Wave periods.

Note: If chosen, optional periods become a requirement of the executed grant agreement.

Note: If chosen, name the Special Event in the appropriate box.
Enter Local Holiday/Special Event Date Range in the following format: dd/mm/yyyy
(Minimum 4 days, Maximum 7 consecutive days)

Click on the Save button

Click here to see Wave Calendar Dates