Table of Contents

Law Enforcement Objective/Performance Measure

Select a Wave Period from the dropdown box. (These are the Wave Periods previously selected in the Wave Period Selection screen).

Enter Target number of citations to be issued for speed and occupant protection elements and DWI arrests for this Wave Period only.

Note: eGrants will only request target numbers for the specific elements previously chosen in the Program Elements screen.

Enter “increase the speed compliance rate to ____%” and “increase safety belt usage rate among drivers and front seat drivers to ____%”, if these elements were previously selected. These rates should be increased for each wave period.

Click on the Save button.

Once saved, you have saved the first Wave Period Law Enforcement Objective/Performance Measure. You need to add an additional page for each Wave Period that you have selected.

Click on the Add button to create another Law Enforcement Objective/Performance Measure page.

Follow the same steps identified above until all selected Wave Period Law Enforcement Objective/Performance Measures have been saved unto a separate page.

Note: After you save two pages, a drop down box will appear at the top right of your screen which will indicate the two Wave period pages that you have saved. You can click on the items in the dropdown box to bring you back to that particular page.

Once saved, click on the Proposal Menu button. You will see that under Law Enforcement Objective/Performance Measure, pages have been saved that indicate the Wave Periods . You may click on any of the pages to bring you back to that page.