Table of Contents

Supplies (500)

Enter proposed Supplies description

Justify the need for the Supplies by providing information in the Purpose/Details box.

Enter unit price (estimated)

Enter quantity

Click on the Save button to calculate the total amount.

Allocate the total amount by entering the TxDOT and Match amounts in the appropriate boxes. (Note: The allocated amounts must equal the calculated total amount).

Click on the Save button.

To add additional supplies, click on the Add button to create another Supplies (500) page.

Note: Specific supply items should be itemized on separate Supplies (500) pages, i.e., Citation books etc.

Note: General office supplies, such as paper, pens, folders, etc. may be entered on one Supplies (500) page.

Description - general office supplies
Unit Price - enter estimated cost for supplies for grant period
Quantity Enter 1