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Travel and Per Diem: Enforcement Mileage (300)

The Texas Traffic Safety Program Manual states that mileage for non-personal vehicle usage will be reimbursed according to the subgrantee’s rate, not to exceed the state vehicle mileage rate. The subgrantee must provide documentation verifying its average cost per mile to operate patrol or fleet vehicles prior to being reimbursed for vehicle miles traveled. These evidences must be available for audit if requested by state or federal officials.

The Travel and Per Diem: STEP Enforcement Mileage (300) budget page will assist STEP subgrantees in documenting the operational cost per vehicle mileage rate for enforcement vehicles. The documented rate will then be included in Texas traffic safety proposals/grants either for reimbursement (up to the current state rate of $0.565 per mile) or as match (up to the documented rate per mile).

Note: It is important to use actual historical costs for each vehicle to establish the documented STEP Enforcement Mileage rate.

Note: The state/IRS rate is not sufficient to document or support the enforcement rate per mile. The enforcement mileage must be calculated based on actual (historical) costs to operate patrol vehicles.

Example: If (after completing the STEP Enforcement Mileage chart in eGrants) your agency’s documented average cost per vehicle mile rate is $0.40 per mile, you may be reimbursed the entire mileage rate amount (or claim the $0.40 rate as match), as the $0.40 rate is below the current state rate of $0.565 per mile (January 1st, 2013).

Example: if your agency’s documented average cost per vehicle mile rate is $.81, you may be reimbursed up to the current state rate of $.565. The balance of .245 (over the state rate of $0.565) may be used as Match. Or if reimbursement is not requested, the entire $.81 per mile may be used as match.

Enter number of Enforcement Travel miles proposed.

Click on the Save button to calculate.

Allocate the amount by entering the TxDOT and Match amounts in the appropriate boxes. The total amount must equal the amount(s) allocated in the TxDOT and Match boxes or you will receive an error message.

Once completed, click the Save button.