Table of Contents

Equipment (400)

Enter proposed Equipment description

Justify the need for the Equipment by providing information in the Purpose/Details box.

Enter unit price (estimated)

Enter quantity

Click on the Save button to calculate the total cost.

Allocate the total amount by entering the TxDOT and Match amounts in the appropriate boxes. (Note: The allocated amounts must equal the calculated total amount).

Click on the Save button.

To add additional equipment, click on the Add button to create another Equipment (400) page.

Note: For any equipment with a unit acquisition cost of $5,000 or more, prior approval must be obtained from TxDOT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Note: Any equipment must be/an essential component of the project being proposed and must be allocable to the program. Only the percentage of the cost can be reimbursed or submitted as matching costs based on the usage of the equipment for the program. For example, if a radar unit costs $2,000.00 and is used for STEP 50% of the time, only 50% of the cost of the radar ($1,000.00) can be charged or shown as match to the grant.