Table of Contents

STEP Performance Measures

Enter the number of enforcement hours worked for the reporting period. Note: The enforcement hours entered should match the number of enforcement hours reported on the corresponding Request for Reimbursement (RFR). If the enforcement hours do not match, please provide an explanation in the RFR Comments box.

Note:Ensure that only “enforcement” hours are included in the STEP enforcement hour line.

Enter the total number of citations/arrests for the STEP elements identified in the grant in the boxes under the STEP Elements - Arrests/Citations Note: The Performance Reports are customized for each grant by identifying the STEP elements outlined in the grant agreements.

Note: The number of citations/arrests reported is the grand total per category (STEP element) worked for the reporting period and is not individual activities reported for each STEP site worked.

Click on the Save button to calculate the STEP Indicator (the number of citations/arrests divided by the number of STEP enforcement hours) for the reporting period.

How does the STEP Indicator for the reporting period compare to the Previous Reporting Periods, Year to Date and the Target Number (established in the grant)? If the STEP Indicator is low, or if any of the STEP element citations/arrests appear low, as compared to the Target Number, please provide an explanation on the Performance Narrative page.

Enter the number of Other Elements - Arrests/Citations in the appropriate boxes. These are the other citations/arrests made during STEP which are outside of the STEP elements indicated in the grant and the Performance Reports.

Note: Other citations/arrest include non-moving citations such as no driver’s license, no insurance, expired inspection certificate, failure to change address on driver’s license, etc.  Other arrests can include any number of arrest activities, including possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, weapons charges, etc.

Click on the Save button to calculate the overall STEP Indicator.

For STEP yearlong grants with a speed and/or occupant protection STEP element, enter the pre-compliance rate. Note: The pre-compliance rate, in most cases, is established in the proposal. If additional surveys are completed during the year, including the post survey, enter the new compliance rate and attach the actual surveys to substantiate the compliance rate.

For STEP Wave grants, pre and post surveys are entered after each Wave period. Enter the new compliance rate and attach the actual surveys to substantiate the compliance rate.

Uploading Attachments

eGrants allows a subgrantee to upload attachments to Performance Reports the same way attachments were uploaded within your proposal.  To attach a document click the “Browse” button, navigate to the location on your computer or on your network where the file is located, click the file you want to attach, and then click the “Open” button.

After entering information into the system, click the “Save” button.  When the page is saved, the document is uploaded to the server.  To view the document that was attached, simply click the link to the file.  If the document is changed before the Performance Report is submitted, the document must be deleted and reattached to the Performance Report.