Table of Contents

Performance Narrative

List the highlights or accomplishments during the reporting period. This field contains a red asterisk and therefore, is a required field. Additional text may be entered into the Comments box at the bottom of the page or attached in the Attachments page.

Questions 2 - 4 require a yes or no answer in one of the radio buttons. If the “No” button is clicked, no further action is necessary. If the “Yes” button is clicked, a brief description of the problem must be entered into the text box.

Question #2 should be completed if something has happened during the reporting period that has resulted in a delay, or has impeded performance, towards meeting the performance measures established in the grant. For example: STEP grants may have had bad weather, road construction or other issues during the reporting period that hampered officers working as many hours or providing the number of citations/arrests planned.

Question #4 provides the means to report any budget issues or problems including underruns or overruns to the appropriate TxDOT program/project manager. A large overrun could result in the grant ending early based on the expenditures of all grant funds and could also result in the reduction of grant activities planned for the year. If it appears that, during the last quarter of the program year, overruns are expected to exceed $5,000, TxDOT requests that the grant be amended to allow for the reallocation of the overrun funds to other projects.

Any additional comments can be entered into the Comments box at the bottom of the page.