Table of Contents

Objectives, Pi&E, Performance Measures & Activities

This page must be completed for each objective statement identified in the grant agreement. A drop down menu will appear at the top right of your screen indicating all the objective statements contained in the grant. Click on the items in the dropdown box to bring you back to that particular objective statement page.

Enter the number of completed objectives (under this objective statement page) in the Reporting Period box. (Please do not enter a date in this box).

Review and update the activities (steps to fulfilling the objective statement) by changing the planned activities (identified with a P) and changing the activities from the dropdown box located in each month to a C completed or an R revised. If an objective activity is revised, a brief description should be included on the Performance Narrative page or attached on the attachments page.

Once you have completed the review and update of the objective activities, click on the Save button.

Click on the dropdown box at the top right or bottom right on the screen and highlight the next objective. Click on the Go button to bring up the objective statement page.

Complete this process until all objective statement pages have been completed.

Remember to click on the Save button after each page is completed.