2004 English Special Provisions to Item 009 - Measurement and Payment (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SP009-016  PDF  RTF   - This special provision allows for material-on-hand payments for asphalt binders that conform to the requirements for preapproval, storage, sampling, testing, and eligibility. This special provision may be used at the district's option, beginning with the September 2009 letting. (Change Memo: de-30-09). Statewide Use.
SP009-015  PDF  RTF   - Article 9.5. Force Account, B. Insurance and Taxes: B. Labor Burden. An additional 55% of the labor cost, excluding the 25% compensation provided in Section 9.5.A, “Labor,” will be paid as compensation for labor insurance and labor taxes. Required on all projects beginning with the March 2008 letting. (Change Memo: de-29-07). Statewide Use.
SP009-012  PDF  RTF   - Created due to the passage of HB 2075 during the 80th Legislative Session and subsequent amendments to 43 TAC 9.20. Required on all non-federal aid projects beginning with January 2008 letting. Replaces SP009-008 . (Change Memo: de-22-07). Statewide Use.
SP009-009  PDF  RTF   - Addresses the DBE program changes and clarifies language on when a contractor has to release retainage to a subcontractor. Required on all federal aid projects beginning with the April 2006 letting. Replaces SP009-007 . (Change Memo: de-18-06). Statewide Use.
SP009-002  PDF  RTF   - Payment for Material on Hand (MOH) is voided and not replaced. For Routine Maintenance Projects Only (Change Memo: de-78-04). Statewide Use.
SP009-001  PDF  RTF   - Required on projects involving only thermoplastic or prefabricated pavement marking materials with 100,000 feet or more and cost of markings is 50% or more of total contract cost. (Change Memo: de-21-04). Statewide Use.

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