2004 English Special Provisions to Item 002 - Instructions to Bidders (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SP002-048  PDF  RTF   - Updates Item 2 for compliance with Senate Bill 20 and further identifying reasons for the Department’s non-issuance of proposal forms. Required for all projects beginning with the October 2015 letting. (Change Memo: de-15-15). Statewide Use.
SP002-044  PDF  RTF   - Implements the requirements of HB 1050 and HB 3648 concerning home state bidding preference. Required on all non-federally funded construction and maintenance projects beginning with the September 2013 lettings. (Change Memo: ). Statewide Use.
SP002-017  PDF  RTF   - Reflects the latest changes made in the Texas Administrative Code and updates current language needed as a result of the Electronic Bidding System (EBS). Required on all projects beginning with the April 2009 letting. Replaces SP002-013 . (Change Memo: de-12-09). Statewide Use.
SP002-001  PDF  RTF   - Provides for prequalification of ITS bidders for various categories of work by Traffic Operations Division on Technical Prequalification Forms. This provision is intended to be used only on stand-alone ITS projects. Requires one-time-use Important Notice to Contractors special provision. (Change Memo: de-19-04). Statewide Use.

2004 English Special Provisions by Item (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)
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