2004 English Special Specifications for El Paso - District 24 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SS7225  PDF  RTF  Fiber Optic Landscape Lighting Maintenance - Furnish, install, modify, repair, replace, maintain, clean, or remove components of the Fiber Optic landscape lighting. Districtwide Use.
SS4214  PDF  RTF  Bridge Expansion Joint Repair - Provide for the repair and replacement of bridge expansion joints. Work includes existing joint removal, placing materials for replacement joint, and sealing joint. Replacement joint includes a header type expansion joint with seal. Districtwide Use. Special Provisions exist.
SS4061  PDF  RTF  Irrigation Wells, Gates and Valves - Furnish and install irrigation wells, well gates, and irrigation valves complete in place in accordance with the plans and specifications Districtwide Use.
SS3240  PDF  RTF  Pavement Edge Stabilization - Provides for use of asphalt-based and non-asphalt based emulsified stabilizers for pavement edges or minor slope stabilization. Districtwide Use.

2004 English Special Provisions By District (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)
2004 English Special Specifications by Item (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)
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