2004 English Special Specifications for Fort Worth - District 2 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SS8825  PDF  RTF  Radar Presence Detection Devices (Installation Only) - Install Radar Presence Detection devices (RPD) provided by the Department as shown on the plans. Districtwide Use.
SS8824  PDF  RTF  Radar Advance Detection Device (Installation Only) - Install Radar Advance Detection Devices (RADD) provided by the Department as shown on the plans. Districtwide Use.
SS8723  PDF  RTF  Battery Back-Up System for Signal Cabinets - Install a Battery Back-Up System (BBU System) for traffic signals that will provide reliable emergency power in the event of utility power failure or interruption. Districtwide Use.
SS8615  PDF  RTF  Radar Advance Detection Devices - Provides for the furnishing and installation of radar advance detection devices (RADD) as shown on the plans, and as detailed in this Special Specification. Districtwide Use.
SS8404  PDF  RTF  Install VIVDS Camera Assembly and VIVDS Communication Cable - Provides for the installation and activation of Department supplied Vehicle Imaging Video Detection System (VIVDS). Replaces SS8438 SS8629 . Districtwide Use.
SS5912  PDF  RTF  Floating Turbidity Barrier - Supply, install, maintain, and remove floating turbidity barrier (FTB) to minimize transport and accomplish the isolation of sediment disturbed as a result of bridge construction operations Districtwide Use.
SS1001  PDF  RTF  Compost - Furnish and place compost. Replaces SS1000 . Districtwide Use.

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