2004 English Special Specifications for San Antonio - District 15 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SS8998  PDF  RTF  Radar Presence Detection Device - Furnish and install radar presence detection devices (RPDD) as shown on the plans and as detailed in this specification. Districtwide Use.
SS8615  PDF  RTF  Radar Advance Detection Devices - Provides for the furnishing and installation of radar advance detection devices (RADD) as shown on the plans, and as detailed in this Special Specification. Districtwide Use.
SS7260  PDF  RTF  Maintenance Computer Controlled Cartridge Filter System - Furnish maintenance services on Computer Controlled Cartridge Filter Systems (CCCFS) and associated appurtenances which function as a storm water treatment system as shown on the plans. Districtwide Use.
SS7199  PDF  RTF  Janitorial Maintenance - Furnish all approved cleaning supplies, tools, equipment, and transportation to efficiently produce the desired results. Districtwide Use.
SS7196  PDF  RTF  Grounds Maintenance - Perform grounds maintenance services. Districtwide Use.

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