2004 English Special Specifications for Abilene - District 8 (All)

SS8703  PDF  RTF  Accessible Pedestrian Signal Units - Furnish and install accessible pedestrian signal (APS) units. Replaced by SS8835 . Districtwide Use. Special Provisions exist.
SS7597  PDF  RTF  Janitorial Maintenance - Provide janitorial maintenance services twice a week as directed by the Engineer. Districtwide Use.
SS7008  PDF  RTF  Single Guardrail Terminal Pads - Provides for the installation of single guardrail terminal pads. Districtwide Use.
SS5584  PDF  RTF  Concrete Rail and Concrete Barrier Repair - Prepare and repair sections of concrete rail, concrete traffic barrier, parapet walls and wingwalls, in accordance with the details on the plans and this Item. Districtwide Use.
SS5392  PDF  RTF  Relapping Metal Beam Guard Fence - Relap metal beam guard fence, at the locations directed by the Engineer or as shown on the plans, in conformity with plan details and the requirements of this Item. Districtwide Use.
SS1001  PDF  RTF  Compost - Furnish and place compost. Replaces SS1000 . Districtwide Use.
SS1000  PDF  RTF  Compost Manufactured Topsoil - Furnish and place compost manufactured topsoil. Replaced by SS1001 . Districtwide Use.

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