2004 English Special Specifications for Brownwood - District 23 (All)

SS8703  PDF  RTF  Accessible Pedestrian Signal Units - Furnish and install accessible pedestrian signal (APS) units. Replaced by SS8835 . Districtwide Use. Special Provisions exist.
SS4413  PDF  RTF  Ballasted Track Rehabilitation - For project 7107-09-001, 7107-10-001, 7123-11-001 in Coleman, Runnels, Tom Green Counties. Rehabilitation of ballasted track on constructed trackbed. One-Time Use.
SS1001  PDF  RTF  Compost - Furnish and place compost. Replaces SS1000 . Districtwide Use.
SS1000  PDF  RTF  Compost Manufactured Topsoil - Furnish and place compost manufactured topsoil. Replaced by SS1001 . Districtwide Use.

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