2004 English Special Provisions for Atlanta - District 19 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SP752-002  PDF  RTF  Tree and Brush Removal - Stump removal. Districtwide Use.
SP668-002  PDF  RTF  Prefabricated Pavement Markings - Place prefabricated pavement marking materials. Districtwide Use.
SP467-001  PDF  RTF  Safety End Treatment - Furnish, construct, and install safety end treatments or replace pipe runners or pipe runner assemblies as indicated in the plans. Districtwide Use.
SP344-008  PDF  RTF  Performance-Designed Mixtures - Use fine aggregate from coarse aggregate sources that meet the requirements shown in Table 1. Fine aggregate stockpiles must meet the gradation requirements in Table 2. Supply fine aggregates that are free from organic impurities. Districtwide Use.
SP247-044  PDF  RTF  Flexible Base - This SP incorporates the requirements of SP 247-037 and adds a requirement for the contractor to perform Tex-1000-S and furnish the data collected to TxDOT. Replaces SP247-037 . Districtwide Use.
SP6986-007  PDF  RTF  Longitudinal Prefabricated Pavement Markings (PPM) with Warranty - Provides for Wet Reflectivity Life to meet performance requirements for 2 years. Districtwide Use.

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