2004 English Special Provisions for Dallas - District 18 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SP738-001  PDF  RTF  Cleaning and Sweeping Highways - Provides for measurement and payment of HOV lanes and direct connectors cleaning and sweeping. Districtwide Use.
SP735-001  PDF  RTF  Debris Removal - Adds payment for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Debris Removal and Direct Connector Ramp Debris Removal. Districtwide Use.
SP730-003  PDF  RTF  Roadside Mowing - Provides for pressure washing equipment to prevent the spread of branched broomrape. (Change Memo: de-79-04). Districtwide Use.
SP627-007  PDF  RTF  Treated Timber Poles - This spec will allow for timber poles as a pay item. Districtwide Use.
SP502-051  PDF  RTF  Barricades, Signs, and Traffic Handling - Allows for the use of Off-Duty Uniform Police Officers with an approved patrol vehicle, to be paid by the hour as needed for lane or ramp closures for traffic control as directed. Districtwide Use.
SP192-010  PDF  RTF  Landscape Planting - When mulch, plant bed preparation, or vegetation barrier are specified as separate pay items and measured by the square yard, they are plans quantity measurement Items. Districtwide Use.
SP132-001  PDF  RTF  Embankment - Provides for additional bid codes. Districtwide Use.
SP008-125  PDF  RTF  Prosecution and Progress - Provides for a daily “intersection rental charge” based on road user costs. Districtwide Use.
SP008-097  PDF  RTF  Prosecution and Progress - This special provision removes items associated with production rates, activity pace, and resource loading from the statewide version. Districtwide Use.
SP008-013  PDF  RTF  Prosecution and Progress - Lane closure assessment fees Districtwide Use.
SP7011-001  PDF  RTF  Wick Application of Herbicide - Provides for including herbicide for re-treatment. Districtwide Use.
SP6229-003  PDF  RTF  Camera Pole Structure with Cabinet - Conforms to AASHTO Standard Specification for StructuralSupports for Highway, Signs, Luminaries and Traffic Signals, 5th Edition. Districtwide Use.
SP5414-002  PDF  RTF  Asbestos Abatement - Special provision changes the measurements of fiberboard and paper/felt to an area basis, which is the industry standard, rather than the volume basis. Districtwide Use.

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