2004 English Special Provisions for Lubbock - District 5 (All)

SP770-010  PDF  RTF  Guard Fence Repair - Adds the choice of timber or steel posts, adds the repair of items dealing with SGT, replacement of blockouts. Replaced by SP770-049 . Districtwide Use.
SP316-002  PDF  RTF  Surface Treatments - Provides for paying intersections, driveways, crossovers and/or turnouts separately from Roadway items. Districtwide Use.
SP300-038  PDF  RTF  Asphalts, Oils, and Emulsions - Modifies table 3 to add a Track Free Tack Coat. Districtwide Use.
SP300-036  PDF  RTF  Asphalts, Oils, and Emulsions - Special provision for the use of trackless tack as a tack coat. Districtwide Use.
SP007-511  PDF  RTF  Legal Relations and Responsibilities - For project 0905-06-073 in Lubbock County. The special provision requires higher insurance when working near railroads. One-Time Use.

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