2004 English Special Provisions to Item 613 - High Mast Illumination Poles (All)

SP613-003  PDF  RTF   - For project 0500-03-606 in Harris County. Provides for a means for the Contractor to load, transport, and install TxDOT provided material. One-Time Use.
SP613-002  PDF  RTF   - Addresses small cracking that is occurring at the base plate to shaft joint during fabrication. Required for all projects using Item 613, beginning with the October 2009 letting. Replaces SP613-001 . (Change Memo: de-24-09). Statewide Use.
SP613-001  PDF  RTF   - For poles without ground sleeves, provide ultrasonic testing (UT) of the shaft to base plate weld joint with a procedure approved by the Department. Perform UT at this joint before and after galvanizing. Required on all projects using Item 613,''High Mast Illumination Poles,'' beginning with the May 2009 letting. Replaced by SP613-002 . (Change Memo: de-18-09). Statewide Use.

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