2004 English Special Provisions to Item 465 - Manholes and Inlets (All)

SP465-002  PDF  RTF   - Provides for precast units as the default with cast-in-place as an alternative. Required when using Item 465. For One-Time-Use only while statewide is being processed. Treat as a statewide special provision. Replaces SP465-001 . (Change Memo: de-04-14). Statewide Use.
SP465-001  PDF  RTF   - States that alternate designs for precast items must conform to functional dimensions and dimensions for plan wall, slab and edge beam thicknesses and reinforcing steel areas. Required on all projects with Item 465 beginning with the July 2006 letting. Replaced by SP465-002 . (Change Memo: de-19-06). Statewide Use.

2004 English Special Provisions by Item (All)
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