2004 English Special Provisions to Item 416 - Drilled Shaft Foundations (All)

SP416-005  PDF  RTF   - For project 0500-03-606 in Harris County. Provides for a means for the Contractor to load, transport, and install TxDOT provided material. One-Time Use.
SP416-004  PDF  RTF   - For project 0500-03-574 in Harris County. Casing to remain in place. One-Time Use.
SP416-003  PDF  RTF   - For project 0014-05-031, 0683-06-027, 0920-30-081 in Hill, Orange, Williamson Counties. Includes the requirements of required SP 416---001 and adds payment for Casing required for drilled shafts when authorized or required. One-Time Use.
SP416-002  PDF  RTF   - For project 2964-01-031 in Dallas County. For roadway illumination poles, the maximum plan length shaft is the maximum length shaft, regardless of diameter, for any roadway illumination pole included in the contract. One-Time Use.
SP416-001  PDF  RTF   - Provides for additional drilled shafts types to be added to payment. (Change Memo: de-63-04). Statewide Use.

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