2004 English Special Provisions to Item 164 - Seeding for Erosion Control (All)

SP164-007  PDF  RTF   - For project 0176-02-090, 0176-02-102 in Angelina County. requires seed to be planted according to section 164.3.D, “Drill Seeding”. Also includes the requirements of required special provision 164---002. One-Time Use.
SP164-006  PDF  RTF   - Adds native grass species that are well adapted for arid South Texas. Includes the requirements of required SP 164---002. Districtwide Use. Corpus Christi District, Pharr District.
SP164-005  PDF  RTF   - For project 0611-01-055 in Johnson County. For this project, Item 164, “SEEDING FOR EROSION CONTROL,” of the Standard Specifications, is hereby amended with respect to the clauses cited below, and no other clauses or requirements of this Item are waived or changed hereby. One-Time Use.
SP164-004  PDF  RTF   - Combines required 164---002 with 164---001. Can be used at the district's option in place of Special Provision 164---002. Replaces SP164-001 . (Change Memo: de-02-08). Statewide Use.
SP164-003  PDF  RTF   - For project 0901-29-043 in Lamar County. Combines sp164001 and sp164002 One-Time Use.
SP164-002  PDF  RTF   - Allows vertical tracking as part of seedbed preparation on areas apecified on the plans. Required on all projects with Item 164 beginning with the December 2007 letting. (Change Memo: de-16-07). Statewide Use.
SP164-001  PDF  RTF   - Use only bonded fiber matrix that are on the approved list published in, Field Performance of Erosion Control Products, available from the Maintenance Division. May be used at the districts option. Replaced by SP164-004 . (Change Memo: de-28-06). Statewide Use.

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