2004 English Special Provisions to Item 100 - Preparing Right of Way (All)

SP100-005  PDF  RTF   - For project 6241-04-001 in Harrison County. Allows payment for type specified One-Time Use.
SP100-004  PDF  RTF   - For project 0117-02-032 in Brazos County. Payment article modified: Preparing Right of Way, or Preparing Right of Way (Hand Cleared). One-Time Use.
SP100-003  PDF  RTF   - For project 0049-06-073 in Robertson County. Areas as shown on the plans as “Hand Clearing” contain existing utilities. “Hand Clearing” is defined as the removal of trees, shrubs and other landscape features. One-Time Use.
SP100-002  PDF  RTF   - Created due to the passage of HB 2075 during the 80th Legislative Session and subsequent amendments to 43 TAC 9.20. Required on all projects with Item 100 beginning with January 2008 letting. Replaces SP100-001 . (Change Memo: de-22-07). Statewide Use.
SP100-001  PDF  RTF   - Addresses the DBE program changes. Required on all federal aid projects with Item 100 beginning with the April 2006 letting. Replaced by SP100-002 . (Change Memo: de-07-06). Statewide Use.

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