2004 English Special Provisions to Special Specifications to Items 1000 - 1999 Earthwork/Lighting, etc. (All)

SP1122-002  PDF  RTF  Temporary Erosion, Sedimentation, and Environmental Controls  - Modifies SS 1122 for projects that disturb less than one acre or routine maintenance activities that maintain the original line and grade, hydraulic capacity, or original purposes of the site. If SP 1122-002 is used do not use SP 1122-001. (Change Memo: de-09-13). Statewide Use.
SP1122-001  PDF  RTF  Temporary Erosion, Sedimentation, and Environmental Controls  - Identifies contractor-required training for storm water management.. Required for all projects utilizing SS 1122 beginning with the October 2012 letting. (Change Memo: de-18-12). Statewide Use.
SP1018-001  PDF  RTF  Tree Protection - For project 3136-01-172, 3136-01-174 in Travis County. Replaced measurement and payment clause to include tree protection by the LF and tree planking by the EA. Due to the dense clusters of trees we wrapped multiple trees together and paid for those by the linear foot. One-Time Use.
SP1014-002  PDF  RTF  Landscape Amenity - For project 0138-08-026, 0171-05-081, 0912-70-078, 0912-71-003 in Gregg, Harris, Tarrant Counties. Adds LF to Measurement. One-Time Use.
SP1014-001  PDF  RTF  Landscape Amenity - For project 0044-07-063 in Cooke County. Article 3. Measurement is voided and replaced by the following: This Item will be measured by the Foot. One-Time Use.

2004 English Special Provisions by Item (All)
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