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TxDOT Modernization Projects

Last Updated: June 29, 2012

Project ID Project Name and Description Assoc. Recs. Status Synopsis Estimated End Date
A01 Separate Government Relations and Communications Functions
Separate the Government Relations and Communications functions at TxDOT to ensure role clarity and adequate focus in accomplishment of TxDOT mission.
63 Completed: The new organizational chart was created for the Communications Division. All communications functions throughout TxDOT are now centrally aligned under the direction of the Chief Communications Officer.
A02 Establish Communications Organizational Structure
Establish a new Communications organization structure to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of internal and external customers
7, 18, 172, 175, 180, 651 In Flight: An organizational chart for the Communications Division was effective May 2012. Work is ongoing to improve processes and procedures and development of an action plan. 8/31/2012
A03 Centralize and Improve Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Functions
Combine HUB and DBE functions into one office to better serve the needs of TxDOT HUB/DBE stakeholders.
167, 168, 169 Completed: More information to come.
A04 Establish Office of Compliance
Establish a Department compliance office to ensure compliance with applicable legal statutes.
657 Completed: TxDOT created an Office of Compliance and Ethics, designed to prevent and detect any future potential risk of non-compliance and to promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law.
A05 Improve Workforce Planning Process
Standardize and improve the Workforce Planning function and process across TxDOT, thereby maximizing staff resource efficiency in support of Texas citizens.
118, 119, 120, 121, 170, 664 In Flight: The project is in the pre-planning stage, with the project team drafting the project scope and objectives. 12/31/2012
A06 Establish Position Management Process
Create a Position Management process and system to centrally manage open, closed, and retired positions to maximize TxDOT staff efficiency in support of TxDOT management.
125 In Flight: Temporarily on hold in order to focus on other human resources priorities. TBD
A07 Improve Performance Management Process
Improve employee performance management processes and systems to increase TxDOT employee and leadership performance in support of Texas citizens.
7, 13, 18, 31, 34, 35 In Flight: Beginning June 2012, small groups of TxDOT employees will begin testing the new performance management system. Refinements will be made based on testing results. A 12-month roll out of the new system is expected to begin in October 2012. 12/31/2012
A08 Assess Engineering Workforce
Assess the roles and workload drivers for the Engineering role at TxDOT to maximize resource (internal and external) efficiency in support of internal and external stakeholders.
663 Completed: More information to come.
A09 Improve Position Title Classification Process
Assign the role of position title classification to Human Resources to maximize efficiency in support of TxDOT employees and customers.
124 Completed: More information to come.
CC01 Establish Modernization Vision and Change Governance
Establish a Department-wide process for identifying, selecting, planning, and overseeing Department improvement efforts to maximize the effectiveness of those efforts in pursuit of TxDOT's mission.
7, 13, 18, 31, 34, 35 Completed: Administration will review and prioritize all proposed improvement projects ensuring efforts will be aligned to agency mission and goals. The Office of Operational Excellence will provide assistance.
CC02 Establish a Future-State Vision, Goals, and Objectives
Establish a clear strategic vision and corresponding goals to ensure alignment of Department improvement efforts and transportation projects to the vision in support of Texas citizens.
16, 17 Transitioned to day-to-day work (Strategic Plan): A new TxDOT mission statement, goals and values were adopted by the Texas Transportation Commission at the Feb. 2012 meeting. The Office of Operational Excellence, under direction of the Chief Administrative and Strategy Officer, will develop a strategic plan that supports the new mission, goals and values.
CC03 Establish a Business Architecture Practice and Model
Establish a business architecture model to drive accountability, assess performance, define and implement improvements, and to manage strategic assets to maximize stakeholder return.
8 Completed: TxDOT's Executive Director implemented a new organizational chart that aligns core functions to ensure similar services, programs and duties work together as efficiently as possible.
CC04 Establish Project Management Discipline
Establish a Project Management Office (PMO) with mature processes, tools, roles, and responsibilities to maximize improvement efficiency and effectiveness in support of TxDOT internal and external stakeholders.
7, 18 In flight: The project team will be making recommendations on project management training and surveying the current project management process. A final report is expected in August. 8/31/2012
CC06 Standardize Procurement Processes and Governance
Establish and enforce standard processes, policy, and governance for procurement and contract management to reduce risk and improve efficiency in support of Texas citizens.
157, 158, 166 Transitioned to day-to-day work
CC07 Improve Procurement Administration Systems
Centralize and improve procurement data and administration systems to improve oversight in support of TxDOT employees.
164, 171 Not Started
CC08 Assess Activity-Based Cost Methodology
Assess the viability of implementing a method of calculating and communicating the discreet cost of each core activity performed at TxDOT to maximize efficiency and reduce lower-valued tasks in support of Texas citizens.
7, 18 Completed: More information to come.
CC09 Establish Leadership / Org Development Function
Implement a program of executive development to improve general leadership effectiveness at TxDOT in support of its employees.
6, 14 In Flight: The Performance Excellence Division is developing a series of stand-alone leadership webinars and a leadership training program. Both will be open to all TxDOT employees and implementation is expected by September 2012. 9/30/2012
CC10 Admin Leadership Actions
Putting the appropriate Executive Director in place to Modernize TxDOT in support of Texas Citizens.
4, 5, 15 Completed: A new executive director was hired in October 2011. The creation of a new leadership team was completed in April 2012.
F01 Establish New Financial Management Organizational Structure
Align financial functions and accountability under the CFO while maximizing efficiency to support of internal and external stakeholders.
146, 650 In Flight: Preparations are underway to transfer accounting personnel from the regions to the Finance Division. For region employees with accounting titles that are not impacted, work is underway to reclassify these positions. The project is expected to be completed by September 2012. 9/30/2012
F02 Improve Financial Policies and Processes
Consistently and clearly define financial policy and processes to ensure consistent execution of financial functions for internal and external stakeholders.
658 Completed: More information to come.
F03 Establish Innovative Finance Function
Create an organization responsible for Innovative Finance to increase TxDOT funding opportunities in support of Texas citizens.
45, 47 Completed: The Office of Innovative Financing and Debt Management was created and a director was hired in May 2012.
F04 Engage External Transportation Finance Expertise
Engage external experts in transportation finance to maximize funding opportunities for TxDOT in support of Texas citizens.
652 Completed: TxDOT engages the services of several private sector financing firms.
F05 Improve Inter-District Lending Tracking
Create a process and system to track borrowed funds between Districts in order to ensure equitable distribution of funds is maintained in support of Texas citizens.
149 Completed: More information to come.
F06 Implement Integrated Financial System (ProjectONE)
Implement a single information technology system that integrates budget and operations data to increase the reliability of reports and consequently public trust in TxDOT.
152 Delayed due to external factors. TBD
IT01 Establish New IT Organizational Structure
Document IT roles and responsibilities to eliminate redundancy and increase accountability in support of TxDOT IT customers and develop the appropriate organizational structure.
142 Completed: IT functions were reorganized into two divisions and three offices, and all report to the Chief Information Officer.
IT02 Improve IT Operations and Development Policies and Processes
Improve IT processes and procedures to increase IT effectiveness and efficiencies in support of TxDOT employees.
136, 137, 138, 139 In Flight: Development of the IT service management tool is ongoing. In July, the tool will be tested with a district, division, office and region. A statewide rollout of the new tool is expected by August 2012. 8/31/2012
IT03 Improve IT Governance Processes
Improve information technology governance, planning, and architectural processes to increase effectiveness and strategic focus in support of internal and external stakeholders.
134, 135, 144 In Flight: More information to come. 8/31/2012
DO01 Service Delivery Strategy
Assess current TxDOT functions and identify roadmap of projects for future regionalization and improvement/realignment to maximize efficiency and service in support of internal and external stakeholders.
69 Closed: The project scope was divided among other similar ongoing improvement efforts.
DO02 Standardize Construction and Maintenance Definitions and Processes
Standardize construction and maintenance contract definitions, processes, and systems to improve consistency and transparency for TxDOT employees and the contracting community.
108, 111 In Flight: The functionality needs of the new site manager have been completed and it is ready to be tested. The new version of SiteManager is expected to be ready by February 2013. 2/28/2013
DO03 Rollout Streamlined Environmental Review Process
Expand streamlined environmental review process to reduce project delivery time in support of the traveling public and District Engineers.
660 In Flight: The project team is assessing, prioritizing and developing an implementation timeline for recommended improvements; awaiting FHWA approval on a paperless environmental report concept; and enabling districts to approve certain environmental reports. 12/31/2012
DO04 Streamline Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Accommodation Process
Expand streamlined Right-of-Way acquisition and Utility Accommodation process to reduce project delivery cycle time in support of TxDOT staff and property interest owners.
662 In Flight: More information to come. 12/31/2012
TP01 Establish Integrated Transportation Planning Process
Develop a function and process for long-term, multi-modal transportation planning to maximize mobility for Texas citizens and goods.
51, 653, 656 Completed: The project team identified improvements, which focused on engaging transportation partners and stakeholders early in the planning process. The project team recommended incorporating the identified improvements into the development of the next statewide multi-modal transportation plan.
TP02 Establish Transportation Planning Think Tank
Establish a transportation planning think tank to provide insight into Texas transportation demands and strategies in support of Texas citizens.
654 Completed: The commission created the Strategic Research Program Advisory Committee to assist the department in selecting research topics of a strategic nature.
TP03 Establish Statewide Transportation Project Prioritization and Planning Process
Develop and adhere to a structured process to establish statewide project priorities to improve transportation efficiency and transparency in support of Texas citizens.
82, 83, 88, 148 Transitioned to day-to-day work.
TP04 Increase Development of Rural Planning Organizations
Increase development of rural planning organizations to maximize stakeholder engagement in transportation planning processes.
661 Transitioned to day-today work.
TP05 Standardize and Adopt Best Practices and Governance Across Major Metropolitan Areas
Standardize and Adopt Best Practices and Governance Across Major Metropolitan Areas to ensure consistency for Texas transportation customers.
655 Completed: Metro districts conduct quarterly meetings to share best practices. TxDOT is also developing a franchise model for rural, urban and metro districts.
TP06 Assess Potential Role for Assistant Chief Operating Officer (ACOO) for Transportation Vision and Planning
Assess the addition of an Assistant Chief Operating Officer for Transportation Visioning and Planning to improve leadership over planning functions.
50 Completed: The new organizational chart aligns all highway planning functions under the Chief Planning and Project Officer.