Texas Transportation Commission Approves $20 million Funding for Road Improvement Projects at State Ports
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Texas Transportation Commission Approves $20 million Funding for Road Improvement Projects at State Ports

AUSTIN – The Texas Transportation Commission has approved $20 million in funding for road improvements at Texas ports to help ensure their continued contributions to the vitality of the state’s economy.

Nine port projects were selected to use just over $10 million in the state funds combined with $5 million from local and other funding sources. The remaining $10 million in state funds will be considered by the commission at a future meeting for improvements at the Port of Houston.

“Texas ports are our gateway to international trade,” said Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. “The facilities in our ports are crucial and so are the roads and bridges that connect them to the rest of our country. These projects address those links between the ports and our highways, and help maintain our prominence in worldwide commerce.”

“Each of the projects approved will have a benefit on its local region and contribute to the entire Texas Transportation system,” said Chairman John LaRue, Port Authority Advisory Committee. “The Texas ports are pleased to partner with TxDOT to improve the movement of commerce and trade, thereby creating additional economic opportunities for Texas.”

The projects are included in the Unified Transportation Program recently approved by the commission and funded from Rider 48 of the General Appropriations Bill of the 84th Legislative session, which provides $20 million for port capital improvement projects recommended by the Port Authority Advisory Committee.

“Viewed individually, these nine projects are relatively small, but the impacts they have on our state’s economic vitality are very significant for the ports that they serve and the state of Texas,” said Jeff Moseley, vice chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission.

Information on the specific projects can be found in the Unified Transportation Program document on www.txdot.gov.

For more information, contact TxDOT Media Relations at MediaRelations@txdot.gov or (512) 463-8700.

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February 26, 2016