Texas Department of Transportation The mission of the Texas Department of Transportation is to provide safe and efficient movement of people and goods, enhance economic viability and improve the quality of life for the people that travel in the state of Texas by maintaining existing roadways and collaborating with private and local entities to plan, design, build and maintain expanded transportation infrastructure.
Texas Good Roads Since 1932, membership in Texas Good Roads / Transportation Association has been made up of business people, community leaders, chamber of commerce members, professionals and transportation experts - Texans who understand that good roads lead to a stronger economy. Our goal is to support the efforts of the Texas Department of Transportation in working with the Texas Legislature to promote efficient transportation.
Associated General Contractors of Texas There are over 800 members of the Associated General Contractors of Texas (AGC) of Texas Highway, Heavy, Utilities and Industrial Branch. The Texas Highway and Heavy Branch was originally founded in 1924, making it one of the oldest trade associations in the nation. The Chapter also holds a charter from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA). The Chapter advocates professional, ethical standards that support cost-effective, quality construction to stand for all AGC contractor and associate members. AGC of Texas' prime objective is to cultivate harmonious relations with supervising public authorities and is highly regarded and respected by the Texas Legislature and awarding and regulatory agencies for its constructive involvement in shaping industry and this state's construction program.
Texas Transportation Institute The mission of the Texas Transportation Institute is to solve transportation problems through research, to transfer technology, and to develop diverse human resources to meet the transportation challenges of tomorrow.