John Barton John Barton
  Deputy Executive Director/Chief Engineer
Texas Department of Transportation

John A. Barton, P.E., is the Deputy Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation. As such, he is responsible for assisting in all phases of directing, managing and implementing TxDOT's policies, programs and operating strategies. He oversees the management of all transportation systems for which the agency is responsible to ensure that systems are adequate, safe and constructed and maintained for the traveling public in the most cost effective manner.

Barton also serves as TxDOT’s Chief Engineer. In this capacity he is responsible for management and control of the Bridge, Construction, Design, Maintenance and Traffic Operations Divisions and the Local Government Project Office. He also assists in directing long and short-range planning for the agency including the establishment of overall operating objectives and the technical merits of programs and policies.

Mr. Barton graduated with honors in 1986 from Texas A&M University and has worn many hats during his time with TxDOT, ranging from Construction Project Inspector and Manager to Area Engineer, to District Engineer, Assistant Executive Director for Engineering Operations and now Deputy Executive Director.

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