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Transportation Pooled Fund Program

The Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) Program allows federal, state, and local agencies and other organizations to combine resources to support transportation research studies.

TPF Number Description HTML
TPF-5(065) Traffic Control Device Consortium (after 2015, contributions continued under TPF-5(316))
TPF-5(114) Roadside Safety Research Program
TPF-5(206) Research Program to Support the Research, Development, and Deployment of System Operations Applications of Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII)
TPF-5(271) Reorganization of Section 5, Concrete Structures, of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications
TPF-5(279) High Performance Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling Services for Highway Hydraulics
TPF-5(287) Application Tool for Assessing Wildlife Passage
TPF-5(288) Western Road Usage Charging Consortium
TPF-5(292) Assessing Roadway Traffic Count Duration Impacts on AADT DATA Estimation Quality

TPF-5(299) Improving the Quality of Pavement Surface Distress and Transverse Profile Data Collection and Analysis
TPF-5(303) 2015 Performance Measures Technical Transfer Conference and Asset Management Peer Exchange
TPF-5(309) Partnership for the Transformation of Traffic Safety Culture
TPF-5(312) Western Maintenance Partnership
TPF-5(313) Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium
TPF-5(316) Traffic Control Device (TCD) Consortium (continuation of TPF-5(065))
State Responses to Energy Sector Developments
TPF-5(328) Strain-based Fatigue Crack Monitoring of Steel Bridges using Wireless Elastomeric Skin Sensors
TPF-5(331) Toolkit for the Deployment of Alternative Vehicle and Fuel Technologies
TPF-5(332) Performing Forensic Evaluations of LTPP Remaining Sections Before They Leave Service
TPF-5(335) 2016 through 2020 Biennial Asset Management Conference and Training on Implementation Strategies
Solicitation 1409 I-10 Western Connected Freight Corridor Project
Solicitation 1417 Developing Performance-Based Guidance for Solid-State Roadway Lighting Applications
Solicitation 1418 Axle and Length Classification Factor Analysis and Effects on Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)