Cost-Efficiency Suggestions Program - To the Public

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In accordance with Texas Government Code Section 2054.1264, TxDOT established a program for its employees to submit cost-efficiency suggestions for the agency and is pleased to share these suggestions with the public.

Each quarter, TxDOT will post the cost-efficiency suggestions for public voting. This webpage is an opportunity for the public to vote on the cost-efficiency suggestions made by TxDOT employees. TxDOT values public input.  

TxDOT has not endorsed any of the cost-efficiency suggestions from TxDOT employees posted on this webpage and has not evaluated the merits of any of the suggestions.  

TxDOT will evaluate the feedback it receives from the public and each cost-efficiency suggestion may or may not be implemented. TxDOT shall moderate suggestions or ideas submitted to exclude, at a minimum, overtly political or offensive language.

TxDOT continually receives cost efficiency suggestions from TxDOT employees and will update the public voting survey at the end of each quarter for public response.

We have received and reviewed submissions from TxDOT employees from the previous quarter, and the public can vote on these suggestions.

We appreciate your input as we continue to improve the agency for the people of Texas and our employees. Thank you for taking the time to help TxDOT become a best-in-class state agency.