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WASHTO 2015 Subcommittee on Materials & Construction Meeting Presentations

The 2015 Western Association of State Highway Transportation Officials' (WASHTO) Subcommittee on Materials & Construction meeting was held from  March 22 to March 25 in San Antonio. 

The meeting brought together subcommittee members from 18 WASHTO-member states, and staff from the Federal Highway Administration and TxDOT.

Below are links to presentations. 

TxDOT Safety Presentation, Jerral Wyer (TxDOT)
Utah DOT and Barrier Usage, Rob Wight (Utah DOT)
I-35 Construction Corridor Safety, John Habermann (Texas Transportation Institute)
Intelligent Compaction, Jimmy Si and Richard Williammee (TxDOT)
Cold In-Place Recycling, Scott Andrus (Utah DOT)
Thin Surface Mixes, Mike Arellano (TxDOT)
Punch List Management, James Dames (CH2MHill) and Blake Axen (TxDOT)
Project Inspection Using Mobile Technology, George White (Pavia Systems)
eConstruction, Amy Tootle (Florida DOT)
eConstruction, Bryan Cawley (Federal Highway Administration, FHWA)
MAP-21 Bridge and Pavement Performance Program, Tom Van (FHWA)
TxDOT Laser Surface Texture, Magdy Mikhail (TxDOT)
TxDOT's Programmatic Quality Assurance Program for Design-Build Projects and Implementation Guide, Jeff Seiders (Raba-Kistner Infrastructure) and Darren Hazlett (TxDOT)
3D Modeling (Utah DOT)
Surface Performance Grade Binders for Chip Seals, Jerry Peterson (TxDOT) and Amy Epps Martin (Texas Transportation Institute)
Recycled Engine Oil Bottoms (REOBs) and Poly Phosphoric Acid (PPA), Jerry Peterson and Robert Lee (TxDOT)
Smoothness/Ride Specifications, Scott Andrus (Utah DOT) and Emmanuel Fernando (Texas Transportation Institute)
Inspector Certifications
Incremental Encumbrance, Laura Zamora
Stockpile Measurement Pilot Project, Mark Bradshaw (TxDOT)