State Let Construction Contracts For February 2016

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Updated Wednesday, February 10, 2016 @ 6:30:50 PM (CST)

State Let Construction Contracts For February 2016 (Total Projects: 36)
District County Highway Type of Work Let Date Project No. Control CSJ Est. Cost Waived/
AbileneScurryFM 1606SUBGR WIDEN, FL BS, STRS, 2CST,MBGF02/10/16STP 2016(678)1526-03-015 $8,318,964.99 F
AmarilloDeaf SmithUS 385OVERLAY02/10/16STP 2016(680)0226-04-025 $9,748,897.57 F
AmarilloPotterVATHERMOPLASTIC STRIPING02/10/16STP 2016(686)0904-00-159 $1,570,267.57 F
AtlantaPanolaFM 123CMT TRT BASE, ACP & PVMT MARKINGS02/10/16STP 2016(738)0731-01-051 $4,400,562.30 F
AustinTravisSL 1OVERLAY FRONTAGE ROADS02/10/16STP 2016(637)3136-01-177 $917,359.91 F
AustinTravisFM 734CONSTRUCT TURN LANES AND SIGNAL02/10/16CC 3417-1-283417-01-028 $820,475.45
BeaumontNewtonFM 1012REPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES02/10/16BR 2016(411)1277-01-015 $1,648,796.53 F
BrownwoodBrownUS 84RAILROAD BRIDGE REPLACEMENT02/10/16STP 1302(079)RGS0054-07-069 $14,424,643.02 F
Corpus ChristiGoliadUS 59DISTRICT WIDE HOT RUBBER SEAL 2016 PROJECT02/10/16NH 2016(882)0088-03-040 $5,205,785.60 F
DallasDallasIH 30CONSTRUCT 0 TO 2/3 LANE EASTBOUND FR AND RAMP MOD02/10/16STP 2016(740)MM1068-04-148 $7,587,251.70 F
El PasoHudspethIH 10TEXTURIZE SHOULDERS, ETC.02/10/16STP 2016(638)HES0002-05-044 $4,185,895.60 F
Fort WorthErathFM 914GRADING,BASE,DRAINAGE,STRUCTURE & PVT02/10/16STP 2015(770)HES0550-03-024 $3,368,943.78 F
Fort WorthJohnsonSH 174MILL AND OVERLAY02/10/16NH 2016(741)0019-01-144 $4,616,295.47 F
Fort WorthTarrantSH 26GRADING, BASE, DRAINAGE AND PAVEMENT02/10/16STP 2014(154)TE0363-01-139 $33,276,927.17 F
HoustonBrazoriaSH 288PV REP, SC, ACP OL AND PV MKS02/10/16NH 2016(695)0598-02-097 $7,321,593.70 F
HoustonFort BendUS 90ABASE REP AND OVERLAY02/10/16NH 2016(802)0027-08-172 $3,738,623.93 F
HoustonFort BendVAINSTALLATION OF DMS02/10/16C 912-34-1870912-34-187 $977,514.34
HoustonHarrisCRINSTALL LED BRIDGE LIGHTING & UPGRADE PED LIGHTING02/10/16STP 2014(128)TE0912-70-105 $3,232,477.55 F
HoustonHarrisFM 1960BASE REPAIR, PLANING, AND OVERLAY02/10/16STP 2016(731)1685-03-088 $6,764,980.68 F
HoustonMontgomeryFM 2978GR, STRS, BASE AND PAVE02/10/16STP 2016(119)MM3050-02-024 $16,413,405.29 F
LaredoLa SalleIH 35ACP, OVERLAY, PAV MARK02/10/16NH 2016(648)0018-02-067 $6,989,732.61 F
LubbockLubbockUS 84GR, BASE, ACP,STR, OVERPASS, PAV MRK02/10/16BR 2016(374)0053-01-120 $15,747,649.70 F
LubbockSwisherVAREMOVE AND INSTALL LARGE GUIDE SIGNS02/10/16NH 2016(692)0905-17-013 $313,777.03W F
LufkinNacogdochesUS 59REPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACH RAILING02/10/16BR 2016(696)0176-01-109 $2,198,573.91 F
OdessaMartinIH 20INSTALL INTERSECTION FLASHING BEACON02/10/16STP 2016(650)HES0005-04-069 $852,903.36 F
ParisHuntFM 1570OVERLAY02/10/16STP 2016(743)0692-01-017 $2,751,201.20 F
ParisRed RiverFM 44REHAB02/10/16STP 2016(363)0427-01-037 $6,605,532.40 F
PharrCameronCSEXPAND EXISTING HIKE & BIKE TRIAL02/10/16STP 2014(101)TE0921-06-270 $889,340.50 F
San AngeloTom GreenUS 87ACP OVERLAY02/10/16NH 2016(761)0069-07-103 $1,631,221.73 F
San AntonioBexarUS 281MILL, SEAL COAT, OVERLAY AND PAVEMENT MARKINGS02/10/16NH 2016(872)0073-08-181 $13,248,768.09 F
San AntonioKendallSH 46BASE REPAIR, MILL, SC, OVERLAY & PAV'T MRKINGS02/10/16STP 2016(667)0215-06-038 $2,057,516.98 F
San AntonioWilsonUS 181REHAB EXISTING ROADWAY AND WIDEN TO ADD SHOULDERS02/10/16NH 2016(748)0100-04-038 $10,133,718.12 F
TylerRuskSH 43SURF TRT, ACP SURF, MBGF, PV MK02/10/16STP 2016(364)0207-02-027 $5,111,423.60 F
WacoLimestoneSH 171UNDERSEAL/OVLY02/10/16STP 2016(746)0419-02-041 $3,966,066.50 F
Wichita FallsCookeUS 82INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS02/10/16NH 2016(693)0044-08-067 $3,797,653.10 F
YoakumLavacaFM 532RESTORE ROADWAY02/10/16STP 2016(509)1007-03-021 $3,433,464.63 F