State Let Construction Contracts For August 2016

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Updated Friday, July 29, 2016 @ 6:31:55 PM (CST)

State Let Construction Contracts For August 2016 (Total Projects: 79)
District County Highway Type of Work Let Date Project No. Control CSJ Est. Cost Waived/
AbileneJonesFM 3116REPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES08/09/16C 2721-2-132721-02-013 $962,520.75
AbileneTaylorIH 20INSTALL ADV WARN SIGNS AND CHEVRONS08/09/16STP 1602(551)HES0006-05-114 $331,140.45 F
AustinBastropCSREPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES08/09/16BR 2014(689)0914-18-091 $446,646.91 F
AustinLeeFM 1624IMPROVE GUARDRAIL & SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS08/09/16STP 1602(496)HES1537-01-016 $1,020,300.80 F
AustinTravisRM 1431IMPROVE GUARDRAIL & SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS08/09/16STP 1602(494)HES1378-01-036 $895,098.68 F
BryanBrazosFM 158PEDESTRIAN SAFETY LIGHTING08/09/16STP 1602(409)TAPS0212-03-057 $1,775,323.00 F
BryanGrimesFM 3090REPLACE EXISTING BRIDGE08/09/16BR 2016(971)0643-05-027 $3,315,663.70 F
BryanGrimesCRREPLACE EXISTING BRIDGE FACILITY08/09/16BR 1502(026)0917-17-058 $419,759.50 F
BryanWashingtonFM 1155EL & CL PROFILE PAVEMENT MARKINGS08/09/16STP 1602(410)HESG0315-12-013 $279,668.03 F
DallasDallasIH 635LANDSCAPE ENHANCEMENT08/09/16NH 1602(426)2374-02-149 $946,683.41 F
El PasoBrewsterVAALPINE BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT08/09/16NH 1602(501)0924-35-022 $133,380.00W F
El PasoEl PasoSS 6CONST OF CROSSWALKS/SCHL ZONE FLSH08/09/16STP 1602(502)MM3572-01-005 $190,114.00 F
El PasoJeff DavisSH 166INSTALL GUARDRAIL TO STANDARDS08/09/16STP 1602(499)HES0415-03-021 $153,718.13W F
Fort WorthErathUS 281GR, BS, STRUCTURES AND PAVEMENT08/09/16STP 1602(432)0250-03-046 $25,561,750.15 F
Fort WorthErathVAGR, BS, DR, STRUCTURE AND PAVEMENT08/09/16STP 2014(119)TE0902-49-068 $2,313,927.85 F
Fort WorthJohnsonFM 2738GR, BS, DR, STR, & PAVT08/09/16STP 1502(548)HES3010-02-014 $3,570,176.85 F
Fort WorthTarrantIH 20CONVERT MEDIAN BARRIER08/09/16STP 2016(994)HES0008-13-231 $1,105,220.00 F
Fort WorthTarrantIH 35WGR, DR, STRUC, AND PAVEMENT08/09/16STP 1602(429)MM0014-02-049 $5,550,899.46 F
Fort WorthWiseFM 730EMERGENCY RELIEF- PERMANENT TYPE08/09/16ER 1602(638)2292-01-032 $311,841.00W F
HoustonFort BendSS 10WIDEN TO 4-LANE DIVIDED RURAL FACILITY (PHASE 2)08/09/16STP 1602(587)MM0187-05-048 $13,995,305.83 F
HoustonHarrisIH 10DIAMOND GRINDING AND GROOVE PAVEMENT SURFACE.08/09/16NH 2016(414)0271-07-312 $12,193,734.90 F
HoustonHarrisIH 10REPLACE RAMP08/09/16NH 1602(464)0508-01-341 $1,383,370.95 F
HoustonHarrisCSPEDESTRIAN WAY/SIDEWALKS08/09/16STP 1602(474)SRS0912-70-067 $448,977.50 F
HoustonHarrisCRCONST BIKE/PED BR08/09/16STP 2016(352)TE0912-70-104 $1,911,553.00 F
HoustonMontgomeryFM 1774CONSTRUCT RR OVERPASS AND WIDEN TO 4-LANES08/09/16STP 1602(483)MM1400-04-021 $30,510,011.70 F
LaredoLa SalleIH 35GRADE,BASE,STRUCT,ACP,PAV MKS, SIGN08/09/16IM 0351(094)0018-02-064 $7,837,040.32 F
LaredoWebbSH 44REPLACEMENT OF EXISTING BRIDGES08/09/16BR 1602(506)0237-03-030 $3,174,334.50 F
LaredoWebbCRREPLACE STRUCTURES AND APPROACHES08/09/16BR 2016(736)0922-33-157 $576,079.73 F
LubbockLubbockSL 289UPGRADE BRIDGE AND APPROACH RAILING08/09/16BR 1602(574)0783-02-091 $63,150.00W F
LufkinSabineSH 21RUMBLE STRIPS08/09/16STP 1602(450)HES0119-02-020 $1,192,930.75 F
ParisHuntIH 30REPLACE EXISTING BRIDGE FACILITIES08/09/16BR 1602(330)0009-13-159 $23,797,333.30 F
ParisHuntSS 1570CONST 2 LANES OF ULT 4 LANE DIVIDED HWY08/09/16STP 1602(136)MM2659-02-001 $7,566,861.93 F
PharrHidalgoCSCITY OF PHARR BIKE ACCESS IMPROVEMENTS08/09/16STP 2014(093)TE0921-02-324 $488,497.84 F
San AntonioBexarIH 10REPLACE ABUTMENT, APPROACH SLAB, CLEAN & PAINT STR08/09/16BR 1602(546)0025-02-210 $4,906,964.11 F
San AntonioBexarSL 1604EXPAND TO 4 LANE EXPRESSWAY - 4 NON-TOLL LANES08/09/16NH 1602(550)2452-01-059 $81,001,605.80 F
San AntonioKendallSH 46WIDEN ROADWAY TO PROVIDE PASSING LANE08/09/16STP 1602(548)0215-06-037 $10,248,615.98 F
TylerGreggVALANDSCAPE PLANTING & IRRIGATION08/09/16STP 1602(646)0910-07-068 $271,845.00W F
TylerGreggFM 2087REPLACE BRIDGE & APPROACHES08/09/16BR 1602(440)1931-01-017 $3,219,897.00 F
WacoFallsFM 1963REPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES08/09/16BR 1602(589)0209-04-031 $888,768.00 F
WacoMcLennanSH 317WDN, GR, SURF, ADD SHLDRS08/09/16STP 2016(834)0398-03-058 $9,415,079.80 F
YoakumAustinFM 109INCREASE SUPERELEVATION08/09/16STP 1602(469)HES0716-01-045 $612,323.58 F
YoakumAustinCRREPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES08/09/16BR 1502(358)0913-20-087 $290,136.90W F
AbileneShackelfordUS 180FLASH BEACON,HIGH FRICTION SURF TRT08/10/16STP 1602(560)HES0011-06-045 $589,842.00 F
AustinBlancoUS 281CONSTRUCT PAVED SHOULDERS, CORRECT SUPERELEVATION08/10/16STP 1602(236)HES0252-03-051 $937,530.12 F
AustinMasonUS 377IMPROVE GUARDRAIL AND SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS08/10/16STP 1602(489)HES0149-04-016 $881,784.00 F
BrownwoodComancheFM 1689REPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES08/10/16BR 1602(572)1033-04-021 $2,679,951.36 F
BryanBrazosFM 159SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS08/10/16STP 1602(417)HES0540-05-046 $2,012,222.00 F
BryanGrimesSH 6IMPROVE CROSSOVERS AND TURN LANES08/10/16NH 1602(408)0050-03-095 $7,231,495.19 F
Corpus ChristiKarnesSH 80REHAB ROADWAY AND CENTERLINE TEXTURING08/10/16STP 1602(457)0348-03-027 $6,360,363.06 F
Corpus ChristiNuecesFM 43CONSTRUCT TURN LANES, REHAB SHLDRS, AND OVERLAY08/10/16STP 1602(484)1557-01-041 $3,939,665.45 F
DallasCollinSH 289LANDSCAPE ENHANCEMENT08/10/16NH 1602(420)0091-05-073 $546,626.90 F
DallasDallasUS 75LANDSCAPE08/10/16NH 2016(511)0047-07-229 $911,779.50 F
El PasoEl PasoCSWIDEN ROAD08/10/16STP 2015(455)MM0924-06-457 $8,139,048.66 F
El PasoEl PasoVAREGIONAL BIKE IMPROVEMENTS (ON ST)08/10/16CM 1602(500)0924-06-491 $395,633.78 F
El PasoJeff DavisUS 90ROADWAY REHABILITATION08/10/16STP 1602(498)0020-04-016 $10,928,596.88 F
Fort WorthJohnsonUS 67LANDSCAPING AND IRRIGATION08/10/16STP 1602(433)0260-01-056 $72,258.00W F
Fort WorthTarrantVAITS UPGRADES08/10/16CM 1602(436)0902-90-048 $366,671.54W F
Fort WorthTarrantSS 341LANDSCAPING08/10/16NH 1602(327)1068-03-022 $313,905.80 F
HoustonGalvestonFM 518LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT08/10/16NH 2016(627)0976-03-103 $257,358.70W F
HoustonHarrisSH 146LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT08/10/16NH 1602(460)0389-13-059 $1,628,097.60 F
HoustonHarrisIH 45CONSTRUCT TWO DIRECT CONNECTORS AT IH 45 & IH 61008/10/16CM 2013(984)0500-03-606 $74,626,086.92 F
HoustonHarrisCSROADWAY RECONSTRUCTION08/10/16C 912-71-30912-71-003 $10,898,875.04
HoustonHarrisFM 2920SEAL COAT, 1.5" ACP OVERLAY AND PAVEMENT MARKINGS08/10/16STP 1602(487)2941-01-024 $4,847,432.72 F
LaredoDimmitFM 1917PROVIDE ADDITIONAL PVD SURF WIDTH08/10/16STP 1602(503)HES0037-15-009 $493,155.68 F
LaredoWebbUS 59IMPROVE TRAFFIC SIGNALS08/10/16STP 1602(512)HES0542-01-083 $1,648,079.52 F
LaredoWebbSH 44PROFILE EDGELINE CENTERLINE MRKINGS08/10/16STP 1602(519)HES2022-01-013 $937,182.20 F
LaredoWebbFM 1472BASE, GRADE, CONCRETE PAVEMENT, ETC08/10/16STP 1602(520)MM2150-04-067 $5,124,911.37 F
LubbockLubbockCSDECORATIVE SIDEWALK, ACCESSIBLE RAMPS,ILLUMINATION08/10/16STP 1502(581)TP0905-06-089 $904,852.00 F
LufkinPolkUS 59INSTALL ADVANCE WARNING SIGNAL08/10/16STP 1602(451)HES0176-05-179 $89,248.00W F
ParisFanninUS 82INTERCHANGE IMPROVEMENT08/10/16STP 1602(438)0045-20-019 $6,287,184.75 F
PharrHidalgoVAREHAB CONTINUOUS ILLUMINATION08/10/16C 921-2-3470921-02-347 $4,194,113.49
San AngeloConchoFM 380REPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES08/10/16BR 1602(525)0555-02-020 $2,033,214.50 F
San AntonioBexarVACONSTR CURB RAMPS, CURBS, SDWLKS08/10/16STP 2016(870)TP0915-12-555 $6,641,852.17 F
San AntonioComalBS 46-CLANDA STREET PED AND BIKE FACILITY ENHANCEMENTS08/10/16STP 2014(112)TE0215-02-056 $878,550.85 F
TylerGreggSL 281WDN, STRM DRN, C&G, SIGNALS, SIGNS, PV MK08/10/16NH 1602(441)2642-01-046 $3,463,243.10 F
WacoMcLennanUS 84REHAB RDWY, ADD PASS LNS08/10/16STP 2013(584)0056-01-033 $10,936,093.20 F
Wichita FallsWichitaUS 287REPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES08/10/16BR 1602(577)0043-09-126 $2,464,523.55 F
YoakumAustinCRREPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES08/10/16BR 2008(610)0913-20-073 $498,046.60 F
YoakumFayetteFM 1115RESTORE ROADWAY08/10/16STP 1602(482)1262-01-014 $4,423,717.10 F