State Let Construction Contracts For May 2016

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Updated Wednesday, May 04, 2016 @ 6:31:00 PM (CST)

State Let Construction Contracts For May 2016 (Total Projects: 31)
District County Highway Type of Work Let Date Project No. Control CSJ Est. Cost Waived/
AmarilloPotterUS 60TRANSPORTATION ENHANCEMENT05/04/16STP 2014(103)TE0168-10-069 $2,024,099.40 F
AtlantaMarionUS 59PLANE ACP, ACP SURF, & PAV MARK05/04/16NH 1602(100)0062-06-053 $1,730,045.90 F
AustinCaldwellFM 1966CENTERLINE TEXTURING05/04/16STP 1602(240)HES1850-01-015 $132,473.74W F
AustinHaysRM 150CONSTRUCT SIDEWALK AND BIKE LANES05/04/16STP 2013(285)MM0805-04-025 $840,601.60 F
AustinMasonUS 87IMPROVE GUARDRAIL & SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS05/04/16STP 1602(103)HES0071-05-029 $1,002,869.00 F
BeaumontChambersIH 10TEXTURIZE SHOULDERS (MILLED-IN RUMBLE STRIPS)05/04/16STP 1602(060)HES0508-02-111 $156,348.50W F
BeaumontHardinFM 418SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS AND WIDEN PAVED SHLDRS05/04/16STP 1602(064)HES0784-01-046 $1,190,209.61 F
BeaumontTylerFM 92SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS05/04/16STP 1602(061)HRR0703-01-059 $550,021.63 F
BrownwoodSan SabaCRREPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES05/04/16BR 2007(630)0923-25-020 $1,063,427.20 F
BryanBrazosFM 2154INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS05/04/16STP 2016(837)0540-04-072 $1,798,854.75 F
Corpus ChristiJim WellsFM 1931REHAB AND WIDEN EXISTING ROADWAY05/04/16STP 1602(141)1693-01-020 $3,382,117.80 F
Corpus ChristiLive OakUS 281SPOT BASE REPAIR AND OVERALY05/04/16NH 1602(068)0254-01-134 $7,072,322.11 F
DallasDallasCSIMPROVE TRAFFIC SIGNALS05/04/16STP 1602(110)HES0918-47-120 $1,240,543.88 F
DallasEllisIH 45INSTALLATION OF WIRELESS ITS05/04/16CM 1602(105)0092-03-049 $1,481,350.80 F
Fort WorthParkerFM 730HMAC OVERLAY05/04/16STP 1602(123)1601-01-029 $6,187,680.90 F
HoustonBrazoriaVALANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT05/04/16STP 1602(077)0912-31-301 $956,037.00 F
HoustonHarrisSS 527RECONSTRUCT FRTG RDS AND INTERSECTIONS05/04/16NH 2016(729)0027-15-026 $3,139,371.63 F
HoustonHarrisVACONSTRUCT MULTI-USE PATH CONNECTORS05/04/16STP 2014(141)TE0912-72-319 $808,448.10 F
HoustonMontgomerySH 105TE AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT05/04/16STP 2014(111)TE0338-03-088 $3,503,685.50 F
HoustonWallerUS 90CONSTRUCT NEW INTERSECTION05/04/16CC 271-9-220271-09-022 $2,323,489.11
LaredoWebbVAUPGRADE RAIL05/04/16STP 1602(137)0922-00-056 $1,491,878.50 F
LubbockLubbockSL 289MILL HOTMIX INLAY05/04/16NH 1602(203)0783-01-099 $7,880,375.10 F
LufkinAngelinaUS 59HMA LEVEL-UP AND PFC SURFACE05/04/16NH 1602(093)0176-02-113 $1,549,765.70 F
LufkinPolkCRREPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES05/04/16BR 1502(206)0911-04-068 $710,127.66 F
ParisRainsSH 19REHABILITATION OF EXISTING ROAD05/04/16STP 1602(125)0108-10-024 $9,468,663.00 F
San AngeloTom GreenVAGUARD FENCE, RAIL, AND SAFETY END TREATMENTS05/04/16NH 1602(048)0907-00-168 $660,359.90 F
San AntonioGuadalupeFM 466GRADING, BASE, SURFACE, PAVEMENT MARKINGS05/04/16STP 1602(127)0216-03-032 $1,748,197.90 F
TylerRuskUS 259PLN, HMAC, BS RPR, OCST, PFC SURF, PV MK05/04/16NH 1602(129)0138-03-142 $4,323,132.72 F
WacoBellSL 363CONSTRUCT INTERCHANGE & ULTIMATE FRONTAGE ROADS05/04/16NH 2015(598)0184-04-046 $11,332,831.43 F
WacoCoryellSH 36INSTL FLASH BEACON, SFTY LGHTNG05/04/16STP 2016(828)HES0183-04-052 $81,966.25W F
YoakumWhartonCRREPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES05/04/16BR 1502(198)0913-09-076 $654,113.20 F