State Let Construction Contracts For November 2014

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Updated Wednesday, October 22, 2014 @ 6:31:04 PM (CST)

State Let Construction Contracts For November 2014 (Total Projects: 42)
District County Highway Type of Work Let Date Project No. Control CSJ Est. Cost Waived/
AbileneNolanUS 84PLANE,FL PAV STR RPR,ACP FILL & OV11/04/14NH 2015(297)0053-12-063 $2,593,760.27 F
AustinBurnetCRREPLACE BRIDGE & APPROACHES11/04/14BR 2014(460)0914-24-016 $185,487.90W F
BeaumontJasperFM 1004SPOT LEVEL UP & OVERLAY11/04/14STP 2015(320)1274-01-017 $1,313,129.80 F
BrownwoodBrownUS 377CONSTRUCT NEW TRAFFIC SIGNAL11/04/14NH 2015(453)0128-01-106 $144,753.01W F
BrownwoodLampasasUS 281CONSTRUCT PEDESTRIAN SIDEWALK11/04/14NH 2015(449)0251-06-037 $213,151.00W F
DallasCollinUS 380RECONSTRUCT HWY AS SIX LN DIV W/GRADE SEPARAT11/04/14C 135-11-180135-11-018 $57,103,760.14
DallasKaufmanFM 548LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT11/04/14STP 2015(452)2588-01-015 $217,334.69W F
DallasRockwallIH 30INSTALLATON OF SAFETY LIGHTING11/04/14STP 2015(301)HESG0009-12-209 $212,062.52W F
HoustonHarrisVAUPGRADE/RECONSTRUCT TRAFFIC SIGNALS11/04/14NH 2015(316)0912-00-440 $902,748.74 F
LufkinTrinitySH 19RESURFACE WITH SEAL COAT11/04/14STP 2015(321)0109-07-050 $8,350,621.87 F
OdessaPecosIH 10SEAL COAT PROGRAM (2015)11/04/14NH 2015(273)0140-04-043 $6,672,204.26 F
ParisHuntSH 66SEAL COAT11/04/14STP 2015(325)0009-06-050 $8,475,756.88 F
ParisLamarFM 79BRIDGE REPLACEMENT11/04/14BR 2015(310)0688-02-055 $403,127.70 F
PharrHidalgoBU 83-SSEAL COAT11/04/14NH 2015(292)0039-03-097 $1,736,683.84 F
San AngeloTom GreenRL SOSOUTH ORIENT RAILROAD INFRASTRUCTURE REHAB11/04/14C 7107-9-87107-09-008 $2,544,429.00
San AntonioBexarUS 281UPGRADE EXISTING TRAFFIC SIGNAL11/04/14NH 2015(286)0073-08-179 $522,466.02 F
San AntonioBexarUS 181INSTALL MEDIAN BARRIER, TEXTURIZE SHOULDERS11/04/14STP 2015(288)HESG0100-02-064 $2,050,031.47 F
San AntonioComalIH 35SEAL COAT AND PAVEMENT MARKINGS11/04/14NH 2015(282)0016-04-110 $5,243,272.98 F
WacoCoryellUS 84MILL/INLAY11/04/14STP 2015(305)0055-04-029 $2,106,743.30 F
Wichita FallsClayFM 174ADD SHOULDERS AND EXTEND STRUCTURES11/04/14STP 2015(306)0137-11-009 $2,792,823.93 F
YoakumColoradoFM 3013SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS11/04/14STP 2015(319)HESG3205-02-019 $450,036.80W F
AmarilloHartleyUS 87REHAB EXISTING ROADWAY11/05/14NH 2015(298)0041-01-045 $8,827,828.05 F
AustinTravisFM 969PROVIDE ADD'L PAVED SURFACE WIDTH11/05/14STP 2015(277)HES1186-01-087 $5,787,939.53 F
AustinWilliamsonSH 29REPLACE RR SIGNALS AND CROSSING SURFACE11/05/14STP 1302(089)FRS0337-02-042 $319,184.00 F
BrownwoodEastlandIH 20SEAL COAT11/05/14NH 2015(323)0007-04-120 $3,493,417.71 F
DallasDentonIH 35WINSTALL GUIDE SIGNS11/05/14NH 2015(348)0081-13-051 $355,937.81 F
Fort WorthTarrantCSREPLACE BRIDGE11/05/14BR 2003(355)0902-48-502 $15,635,272.40 F
HoustonGalvestonFM 1765FLASHING BEACON AND TURN LANE11/05/14STP 2015(315)HES0686-01-046 $554,132.38 F
HoustonHarrisVABRIDGE MAINTENANCE WORK11/05/14STP 2015(317)0912-70-094 $1,923,191.32 F
LaredoDimmitFM 133RESURFACE OF EXISTING HIGHWAY11/05/14STP 2015(294)0237-07-012 $2,336,538.04 F
LubbockLambUS 84SEALCOAT11/05/14NH 2015(303)0052-05-042 $10,416,773.44 F
LufkinShelbyFM 139IMPROVE GUARDRAIL AND SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS11/05/14STP 2015(314)HRR0742-01-052 $2,083,328.55 F
ParisGraysonFM 902REHAB OF EXISTING ROADWAY11/05/14STP 2015(309)0510-01-026 $7,818,167.90 F
PharrHidalgoUS 281REHAB AND WIDEN EXISTING ROADWAY11/05/14NH 2015(293)0220-01-025 $5,157,402.63 F
San AngeloGlasscockUS 87SEAL COAT11/05/14NH 2015(275)0069-02-027 $6,830,352.35 F
San AntonioBexarIH 35INSTALL MEDIAN BARRIER, PAVEMENT MARKINGS, SIGNING11/05/14STP 1402(064)MM0017-10-271 $1,702,593.87 F
San AntonioBexarUS 281SEAL COAT AND PAVEMENT MARKINGS11/05/14NH 2015(284)0073-02-069 $5,180,487.40 F
San AntonioBexarUS 281INSTALL MEDIAN BARR, RESURFACING, TEXTURIZE SHLDRS11/05/14STP 2015(285)HES0073-02-070 $6,819,849.64 F
San AntonioBexarIH 410RESURFACING, TEXTURIZED SHOULDERS11/05/14STP 2015(290)HES0521-06-135 $6,151,593.00 F
TylerWoodSH 11ONE COURSE SURFACE TREATMENT & PVMT MRK11/05/14STP 2015(312)0083-06-038 $9,684,557.10 F
YoakumAustinCRREPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES11/05/14BR 1102(474)0913-20-084 $605,566.30 F
YoakumLavacaCRREPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES11/05/14BR 2012(429)0913-29-045 $450,285.70 F