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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 13)
Control Project Highway County
4704-01-384CBC - 470401384Somervell
6233-39-001RMC - 623339001US0067Erath
6277-06-001BPM - 627706001SH0097Wilson
6281-23-001RMC - 628123001SH0199Tarrant
6283-21-001RMC - 628321001IH0820Tarrant
6283-38-001BPM - 628338001IH0010Kerr
6283-46-001RMC - 628346001FM0225Nacogdoches
6284-39-001RMC - 628439001IH0035WTarrant
6284-99-001RMC - 628499001US0067Brewster
6285-74-001RMC - 628574001IH0010El Paso
6285-99-001RMC - 628599001US0277Val Verde
6286-00-001RMC - 628600001IH0035Webb
6288-43-001RMC - 628843001BU0077QDe Witt


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