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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 58)
Control Project Highway County
0016-02-140NH 2015(352)IH 35Hays
0043-17-028NH 2015(401)BU 287JWichita
0064-06-052NH 2015(418)US 96Sabine
0073-13-009STP 2015(368)US 281AAtascosa
0143-08-089NH 2015(425)US 87De Witt
0162-04-055NH 2015(392)SH 31Navarro
0178-02-087STP 2015(414)HESSH 35Brazoria
0227-05-021STP 2015(398)US 385Hockley
0236-01-022STP 2015(369)FM 117Uvalde
0253-04-148STP 2015(370)MMSS 537Bexar
0380-01-078NH 2013(647)US 62Lubbock
0517-08-017STP 2015(384)SH 16Duval
0807-03-032STP 2015(429)HRRFM 153Fayette
0883-02-079STP 2015(463)FM 105Orange
0913-09-057BR 2012(410)CRWharton
0913-09-061BR 1302(064)CRWharton
0924-00-083STP 2015(545)VAEl Paso
1196-03-016STP 2015(379)HESFM 884Goliad
1499-01-028STP 2015(372)FM 1581Frio
2311-01-037NH 2015(400)FM 3051McLennan
6258-88-001RMC - 625888001IH0030Tarrant
6268-45-001RMC - 626845001US0069Jefferson
6273-53-001RMC - 627353001IH0030Tarrant
6273-55-001RMC - 627355001US0281Erath
6273-56-001RMC - 627356001US0081Wise
6273-57-001RMC - 627357001SH0183Tarrant
6274-02-001BPM - 627402001SH0078Collin
6274-21-001RMC - 627421001US0075Collin
6274-47-001RMC - 627447001US0083Hidalgo
6274-76-001RMC - 627476001FM3041Navarro
6275-45-001RMC - 627545001IH0040Carson
6275-77-001RMC - 627577001IH0010Pecos
6276-10-001RMC - 627610001SH0006Brazos
6276-11-001RMC - 627611001US0290Washington
6276-12-001RMC - 627612001SH0030Walker
6276-13-001RMC - 627613001SH0006Brazos
6276-21-001RMC - 627621001US0079Williamson
6276-24-001RMC - 627624001SH0071Bastrop
6276-26-001RMC - 627626001US0290Lee
6276-37-001RMC - 627637001US0183Travis
6276-83-001RMC - 627683001US0259Upshur
6276-86-001RMC - 627686001US0087Gillespie
6276-87-001RMC - 627687001SH0071Llano
6276-88-001RMC - 627688001US0087Mason
6276-89-001RMC - 627689001US0281Burnet
6277-66-001RMC - 627766001US0090Val Verde
6278-03-001RMC - 627803001US0083Dimmit
6278-04-001RMC - 627804001IH0010Harris
6278-08-001RMC - 627808001US0062Terry
6278-32-001RMC - 627832001FM0874Winkler
6280-06-001RMC - 628006001IH0020Callahan
6280-07-001RMC - 628007001US0083Jones
6280-08-001RMC - 628008001US0380Kent
6280-09-001RMC - 628009001IH0020Nolan
6280-10-001RMC - 628010001US0380Stonewall
6280-11-001RMC - 628011001IH0020Taylor
6280-33-001RMC - 628033001IH0030Hunt
6280-46-001RMC - 628046001US0059Jackson


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