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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 55)
Control Project Highway County
0010-19-011STP 2017(175)FM 991Bowie
0043-07-109NH 2017(140)US 287Wilbarger
0049-09-073NH 2017(179)US 190Brazos
0124-04-031STP 2017(141)US 183Wilbarger
0266-07-021STP 2017(173)SH 71Matagorda
0296-04-019STP 2017(125)US 180Jones
0324-02-024STP 2017(174)SH 95Lavaca
0453-07-013STP 2017(006)SH 207Floyd
0506-01-105NH 1602(416)FM 60Brazos
0806-02-021STP 2017(007)FM 651Crosby
0902-90-048CM 1602(436)VATarrant
0917-27-045STP 1602(419)TAPSVAWalker
1006-01-071CC 1006-1-71FM 529Harris
1785-01-032STP 1602(424)FM 1830Denton
4704-01-775CBC - 470401775Hidalgo
6294-47-001RMC - 629447001FM2509Karnes
6294-48-001RMC - 629448001SH0359Jim Wells
6294-49-001RMC - 629449001SH0358Nueces
6294-72-001RMC - 629472001US0277Baylor
6295-05-001RMC - 629505001US0059Angelina
6299-50-001RMC - 629950001US0190Polk
6299-81-001RMC - 629981001BU0377JErath
6301-95-001BPM - 630195001US0090Kinney
6301-99-001RMC - 630199001SL0012Dallas
6302-05-001BPM - 630205001US0057Maverick
6302-61-001RMC - 630261001US0069Angelina
6302-67-001RMC - 630267001FM0448Fayette
6302-70-001RMC - 630270001SH0021Sabine
6303-02-001RMC - 630302001US0059Victoria
6304-23-001RMC - 630423001IH0010Harris
6304-63-001RMC - 630463001US0069Jefferson
6304-83-001RMC - 630483001RM0652Culberson
6305-04-001RMC - 630504001IH0035Travis
6305-09-001RMC - 630509001IH0020Eastland
6305-36-001RMC - 630536001IH0020Eastland
6306-60-001RMC - 630660001IH0020Tarrant
6306-86-001RMC - 630686001IH0035EDallas
6306-95-001RMC - 630695001RM0584Tom Green
6307-42-001RMC - 630742001US0181Wilson
6307-44-001RMC - 630744001US0059Angelina
6307-57-001RMC - 630757001US0087Potter
6307-71-001RMC - 630771001US0069Smith
6307-76-001RMC - 630776001US0067Brewster
6307-79-001RMC - 630779001FM0799Bee
6307-80-001RMC - 630780001FM0774Refugio
6307-82-001RMC - 630782001FM0180Lee
6307-87-001RMC - 630787001SH0103San Augustine
6308-03-001RMC - 630803001US0067Upton
6308-06-001RMC - 630806001US0082Grayson
6308-13-001RMC - 630813001IH0010El Paso
6308-17-001RMC - 630817001IH0010Bexar
6308-27-001RMC - 630827001SH0016Bandera
6308-47-001RMC - 630847001FM0117Frio
6308-60-001RMC - 630860001US0080Dallas
6308-66-001RMC - 630866001IH0044Wichita


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