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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 40)
Control Project Highway County
0005-06-117BR 1702(598)IH 20Howard
0047-02-134STP 1702(745)HESUS 75Grayson
0141-20-009BR 1702(667)SL 481Kimble
0177-07-112NH 1702(628)IH 69Harris
0179-01-048STP 1702(629)SH 35Brazoria
0265-07-049NH 1702(642)SH 71Fayette
0327-10-057NH 1702(492)US 77Willacy
0339-03-037STP 1702(634)HESSH 105Hardin
0633-01-021STP 1702(748)HESFM 21Franklin
0725-02-019STP 1702(751)HESFM 275Rains
0905-06-086STP 2014(802)MMCSLubbock
0913-09-065BR 2014(682)CRWharton
0917-29-129STP 2017(099)TAPSVABrazos
0921-02-212BR 2011(281)CRHidalgo
0937-03-016STP 1702(636)HESFM 227Houston
1685-05-108STP 2017(639)HESSH 6Harris
3621-01-012STP 1702(690)SL 79Val Verde
6301-71-001RMC - 630171001IH0035La Salle
6313-40-001RMC - 631340001SH0105Liberty
6315-21-001RMC - 631521001IH0020Dallas
6315-22-001RMC - 631522001IH0030Dallas
6315-28-001RMC - 631528001US0290Washington
6315-55-001RMC - 631555001US0380Collin
6316-12-001RMC - 631612001US0290Waller
6316-31-001RMC - 631631001IH0020Tarrant
6316-57-001RMC - 631657001US0075Grayson
6316-75-001RMC - 631675001US0067Tom Green
6317-69-001RMC - 631769001US0075Grayson
6318-82-001RMC - 631882001US0183De Witt
6318-95-001RMC - 631895001US0082Grayson
6318-96-001RMC - 631896001IH0030Hopkins
6319-17-001RMC - 631917001IH0010Pecos
6319-18-001RMC - 631918001IH0020Ward
6319-23-001RMC - 631923001FM0796San Patricio
6319-25-001RMC - 631925001US0059Duval
6319-69-001RMC - 631969001US0062Hudspeth
6319-98-001RMC - 631998001US0062Culberson
6320-09-001RMC - 632009001US0067Presidio
6320-26-001RMC - 632026001IH0020Taylor
6320-39-001RMC - 632039001US0083Taylor


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