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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 59)
Control Project Highway County
0015-09-180NH 1602(148)IH 35Williamson
0051-08-017NH 1602(169)SS 342Galveston
0076-03-019BR 1602(181)US 67Crockett
0081-13-057NH 1602(158)IH 35WDenton
0092-02-122STP 1602(159)HESSH 310Dallas
0156-05-058NH 1602(200)US 82Archer
0258-08-032STP 2013(587)SH 6McLennan
0271-06-121STP 2014(139)TEIH 10Harris
0300-01-091STP 1602(174)HESGUS 277Maverick
0315-08-037STP 1602(156)FM 389Washington
0353-02-075NH 1602(163)SH 114Denton
0355-01-048STP 1602(191)SH 15Lipscomb
0442-02-158STP 1602(164)HESIH 35EDallas
0502-01-212NH 2016(415)SH 225Harris
0578-01-029STP 1602(157)FM 247Madison
0593-01-117STP 1602(153)HESSH 105Liberty
0700-01-040STP 1602(151)HESGSH 71Burnet
0909-29-020BR 99(346)CRHamilton
0909-38-052BR 1402(048)CRFalls
0911-39-051BR 2016(598)CRShelby
0913-18-028BR 2016(433)CRJackson
0916-00-081STP 1602(194)VANueces
0920-00-118STP 1602(155)VAJefferson
1008-02-018C 1008-2-18FM 958Lavaca
1279-01-036STP 1302(036)FM 1025Zavala
1407-02-022STP 1602(179)HESFM 1638Nacogdoches
1662-01-015BR 1602(223)FM 339Hill
2455-01-032STP 2016(841)HESFM 1417Grayson
4704-01-655CBC - 470401655Nueces
6282-63-001BPM - 628263001FM0907Hidalgo
6288-42-001RMC - 628842001IH0010Colorado
6290-32-001RMC - 629032001IH0035WDenton
6291-60-001RMC - 629160001US0059Bowie
6291-61-001RMC - 629161001US0059Harrison
6291-62-001RMC - 629162001US0271Titus
6296-61-001RMC - 629661001IH0020Eastland
6296-90-001RMC - 629690001US0067Erath
6297-66-001RMC - 629766001BI0020RTaylor
6298-56-001RMC - 629856001IH0610Harris
6298-57-001RMC - 629857001IH0010Harris
6299-03-001RMC - 629903001IH0045Navarro
6299-33-001RMC - 629933001IH0035WDenton
6299-34-001RMC - 629934001SH0031Navarro
6299-75-001RMC - 629975001SH0031Navarro
6299-88-001RMC - 629988001FM1078Orange
6300-06-001RMC - 630006001IH0027Lubbock
6300-20-001RMC - 630020001US0190San Saba
6300-23-001RMC - 630023001SH0022Navarro
6300-47-001RMC - 630047001US0059Bowie
6300-88-001RMC - 630088001IH0069Montgomery
6300-91-001RMC - 630091001US0069Jefferson
6300-92-001RMC - 630092001US0069Jefferson
6300-95-001RMC - 630095001SL0008Harris
6301-03-001RMC - 630103001US0090Val Verde
6301-17-001RMC - 630117001FM0403Terry
6301-26-001RMC - 630126001IH0020Parker
6301-48-001RMC - 630148001IH0610Harris
6301-55-001RMC - 630155001FM0414Shelby
6303-28-001BPM - 630328001FM1454Lipscomb


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