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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 15)
Control Project Highway County
6187-68-001RMC - 618768001FM0013Cherokee
6195-79-001RMC - 619579001FM0013Cherokee
6315-35-001RMC - 631535001IH0820Tarrant
6320-81-001RMC - 632081001SH0035Matagorda
6321-75-001RMC - 632175001IH0010Culberson
6324-16-001RMC - 632416001SH0317Bell
6324-99-001RMC - 632499001US0287Potter
6325-35-001RMC - 632535001IH0030Bowie
6326-25-001RMC - 632625001US0082Cooke
6326-28-001RMC - 632628001US0183Baylor
6326-29-001RMC - 632629001US0183Wilbarger
6326-67-001RMC - 632667001SH0006Harris
6326-74-001RMC - 632674001SH0035Brazoria
6326-85-001RMC - 632685001US0290Travis
6326-86-001RMC - 632686001US0190Bell


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