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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 65)
Control Project Highway County
0004-03-049STP 1702(023)HESBI 20-DWard
0009-12-212NH 1702(084)IH 30Rockwall
0013-05-060STP 1702(123)HESUS 81Montague
0024-08-136NH 1702(024)US 90Bexar
0027-01-040BR 2016(507)US 90Colorado
0033-03-029STP 1702(131)US 83Jones
0039-18-009BR 1702(094)IH 2Hidalgo
0042-09-126NH 1702(136)US 287Hall
0044-04-060NH 1702(173)US 82Montague
0049-07-063STP 1702(018)HESGUS 79Robertson
0059-05-044STP 1702(095)HESSH 7Shelby
0076-01-028STP 1702(031)HESUS 67Pecos
0113-08-077STP 1702(036)HESUS 290Travis
0127-01-030STP 1702(236)US 183Eastland
0168-10-073BR 1702(132)IH 27Potter
0183-04-049STP 1702(128)SH 36Coryell
0186-05-040BR 1702(193)SH 36Washington
0204-03-043STP 1702(037)US 79Williamson
0212-02-039NH 1702(083)US 190Walker
0248-01-077NH 1702(147)US 271Titus
0253-03-067BR 1702(038)US 281Comal
0258-03-042STP 1702(129)HESSH 6Hamilton
0314-07-052STP 1602(435)MMIH 20Parker
0314-07-054NH 1702(088)IH 20Parker
0335-03-042BR 2017(556)SH 7Leon
0338-01-052NH 1502(237)SH 105Grimes
0391-02-018STP 1702(124)FM 810Clay
0442-02-160NH 1702(148)IH 35EDallas
0500-01-150NH 1702(110)IH 45Galveston
0553-03-033STP 1702(111)HESSH 7Nacogdoches
0902-38-124STP 2017(448)TAPSVAParker
0903-00-083STP 1702(126)VAWichita
0911-39-050BR 1602(396)CRShelby
0913-09-056BR 2012(409)CRWharton
0916-00-083STP 1702(115)VANueces
0944-02-010STP 1702(135)FM 362Waller
0991-04-011BR 1702(117)FM 882Bee
1090-05-015STP 1702(172)FM 1593Calhoun
1352-02-021STP 1702(127)HESFM 455Montague
2288-01-013STP 1702(089)FM 1821Palo Pinto
2510-01-016STP 1702(120)HESFM 1316Polk
2512-02-010STP 1702(086)FM 2728Kaufman
3259-01-042STP 1702(130)FM 401Childress
6287-24-001RMC - 628724001FM1338Kerr
6307-25-001BPM - 630725001SH0056Fannin
6312-42-001BPM - 631242001FM0824Fannin
6312-62-001BPM - 631262001UA0090Gonzales
6312-94-001RMC - 631294001IH0020Ector
6313-09-001RMC - 631309001SS0272Newton
6313-51-001RMC - 631351001IH0069Montgomery
6314-32-001RMC - 631432001BU0077QDe Witt
6314-52-001RMC - 631452001SH0288Brazoria
6314-94-001RMC - 631494001US0082Lamar
6314-96-001RMC - 631496001US0075Grayson
6314-99-001RMC - 631499001SH0021Brazos
6315-00-001RMC - 631500001FM0486Milam
6315-01-001RMC - 631501001SH0075Freestone
6315-02-001RMC - 631502001SH0075Walker
6315-37-001RMC - 631537001IH0030Hunt
6315-88-001RMC - 631588001IH0010Hudspeth
6315-89-001RMC - 631589001SH0017Jeff Davis
6315-91-001RMC - 631591001SL0478El Paso
6316-21-001RMC - 631621001IH0037Nueces
6316-34-001RMC - 631634001SH0159Fayette
6316-35-001RMC - 631635001US0081Montague


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