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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 50)
Control Project Highway County
0027-10-071BR 2018(234)US 90AHarris
0043-01-080NH 2018(174)US 287Childress
0048-01-064NH 2018(118)SH 342Dallas
0049-15-013STP 2018(131)HESSH 14Robertson
0125-03-046STP 2018(185)US 283Throckmorton
0151-01-051STP 2018(180)SH 29Burnet
0169-04-036NH 2013(611)US 60Carson
0183-01-043STP 2018(227)SH 36Comanche
0320-02-036STP 2017(900)SH 95Bell
0385-02-029STP 1702(733)FM 4Hood
0683-01-094STP 2018(181)RM 620Williamson
0913-09-083BR 1602(017)CRWharton
0913-28-064BR 2016(325)CRFayette
6298-16-001RMC - 629816001FM0047Van Zandt
6311-84-001RMC - 631184001FM0986Kaufman
6314-88-001RMC - 631488001US0183Travis
6315-21-001RMC - 631521001IH0020Dallas
6315-22-001RMC - 631522001IH0030Dallas
6316-70-001RMC - 631670001US0290Waller
6317-23-001RMC - 631723001FM0517Galveston
6317-37-001RMC - 631737001SL0012Dallas
6317-41-001RMC - 631741001SL0012Dallas
6317-42-001RMC - 631742001IH0020Dallas
6317-50-001RMC - 631750001SH0356Dallas
6317-91-001RMC - 631791001FM2503Fayette
6318-45-001RMC - 631845001SS0190Karnes
6318-76-001RMC - 631876001US0059Angelina
6318-77-001RMC - 631877001US0059San Jacinto
6318-78-001RMC - 631878001US0059Polk
6318-79-001RMC - 631879001SH0094Trinity
6318-92-001RMC - 631892001SS0510Clay
6319-06-001RMC - 631906001US0067Dallas
6319-14-001RMC - 631914001FM1394Navarro
6319-42-001RMC - 631942001IH0020Kaufman
6320-08-001RMC - 632008001SL0008Harris
6320-15-001RMC - 632015001SH0288Brazoria
6320-39-001RMC - 632039001US0083Taylor
6320-63-001RMC - 632063001US0080Dallas
6320-66-001RMC - 632066001IH0010El Paso
6320-80-001RMC - 632080001US0059Victoria
6320-96-001RMC - 632096001FM1764Galveston
6321-06-001RMC - 632106001US0287Childress
6321-12-001RMC - 632112001SH0031Henderson
6321-13-001RMC - 632113001US0079Rusk
6321-30-001RMC - 632130001US0277Val Verde
6321-31-001RMC - 632131001IH0020Taylor
6321-53-001RMC - 632153001FM2055Yoakum
6321-64-001RMC - 632164001IH0030Hopkins
6322-13-001RMC - 632213001US0067Tom Green
6322-29-001RMC - 632229001SH0046Comal


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