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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 64)
Control Project Highway County
0006-06-103BR 1702(237)IH 20Taylor
0007-08-028STP 1702(362)HESGSH 16Palo Pinto
0009-03-045NH 1702(443)SH 66Dallas
0010-04-021STP 1702(367)HESGUS 67Franklin
0015-13-401STP 1702(308)HESIH 35Travis
0022-10-064STP 1702(310)HESUS 90Val Verde
0027-03-071STP 1702(426)US 90AColorado
0033-06-107NH 1702(240)US 83Taylor
0034-01-129STP 1702(246)US 83Taylor
0037-05-051STP 1702(317)HESUS 83Dimmit
0059-04-046STP 1702(249)HESGSH 7Shelby
0065-06-063C 65-6-63US 69Hardin
0095-02-118CM 2017(726)US 80Dallas
0095-13-037CM 2017(920)IH 20Dallas
0095-14-028NH 1702(353)IH 20Kaufman
0113-13-165NH 1702(325)SH 71Travis
0136-04-035BR 1702(379)SH 19Delta
0156-07-109STP 1702(401)HESIH 44Wichita
0196-03-268NH 1702(354)IH 35EDallas
0196-07-031NH 1702(408)SS 366Dallas
0200-02-031NH 2013(513)US 69Angelina
0271-04-071NH 1702(007)IH 10Waller
0302-01-020BR 1702(248)SH 86Parmer
0314-07-052STP 1602(435)MMIH 20Parker
0328-07-014STP 1702(410)SH 97McMullen
0392-03-047NH 1702(380)US 259Gregg
0463-03-049NH 1702(332)SH 158Midland
0493-01-013STP 1702(333)RM 652Reeves
0598-02-047NH 1702(112)SH 288Brazoria
0683-02-068CC 683-2-68RM 620Travis
0816-05-019BR 2013(599)FM 2862Collin
0848-01-041STP 1702(427)FM 462Medina
0903-03-083BR 2006(550)CSWichita
0912-71-896STP 1602(170)MMCSHarris
0912-72-313STP 1702(285)CSHarris
0912-72-336STP 1702(286)MMCRHarris
0913-22-046BR 1602(617)CRGonzales
0913-29-031BR 2007(370)CRLavaca
0916-37-030BR 1602(582)CRJim Wells
0917-12-080BR 2012(334)CRMilam
0918-46-280STP 1702(357)HESCSDenton
0920-06-033BR 2017(547)CRNewton
1042-01-032STP 2013(720)RM 474Kendall
1835-02-054STP 1702(304)FM 1741Bell
2452-01-064NH 1702(335)SL 1604Bexar
6301-71-001RMC - 630171001IH0035La Salle
6305-38-001RMC - 630538001SH0114Wise
6313-38-001RMC - 631338001IH0010Chambers
6313-44-001RMC - 631344001IH0035Bexar
6313-98-001RMC - 631398001IH0020Kaufman
6314-50-001RMC - 631450001IH0010El Paso
6314-83-001RMC - 631483001SL0008Harris
6315-26-001RMC - 631526001US0059Bowie
6315-36-001RMC - 631536001SH0288Brazoria
6315-62-001RMC - 631562001FM0626Karnes
6315-76-001RMC - 631576001SH0022Bosque
6315-99-001RMC - 631599001IH0020Van Zandt
6316-19-001RMC - 631619001US0059Bowie
6316-69-001RMC - 631669001US0183Travis
6316-71-001RMC - 631671001IH0035Williamson
6317-07-001RMC - 631707001US0090Medina
6317-25-001RMC - 631725001MR0674Kerr
6317-49-001RMC - 631749001US0277Val Verde
7107-08-004NH 1702(336)RL SOIrion


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