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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 48)
Control Project Highway County
0005-04-071NH 2018(266)IH 20Martin
0005-06-116STP 2018(314)HESIH 20Howard
0007-04-126STP 1702(798)SH 206Eastland
0030-07-019STP 2018(282)US 83Hemphill
0042-09-123NH 2018(306)US 287Hall
0090-05-097NH 2018(284)IH 40Potter
0114-07-080BR 2018(271)US 290Lee
0187-02-066NH 2018(332)SH 36Austin
0231-04-056STP 2018(251)HESUS 190Bell
0257-01-047STP 2018(244)US 183Stephens
0427-02-009STP 2018(279)FM 1158Red River
0720-02-086STP 2018(315)SH 249Montgomery
1493-01-017STP 2018(280)FM 1569Hunt
2960-01-012STP 2018(254)HESFM 1194Angelina
6311-39-001RMC - 631139001SH0087Galveston
6315-08-001RMC - 631508001IH0035Webb
6315-21-001RMC - 631521001IH0020Dallas
6315-22-001RMC - 631522001IH0030Dallas
6316-15-001RMC - 631615001IH0035WJohnson
6316-24-001RMC - 631624001IH0610Harris
6316-49-001RMC - 631649001IH0610Harris
6317-06-001RMC - 631706001BU0090YOrange
6317-11-001RMC - 631711001IH0010El Paso
6317-51-001RMC - 631751001US0080Dallas
6317-52-001RMC - 631752001US0067Dallas
6319-05-001RMC - 631905001SH0078Dallas
6319-22-001RMC - 631922001FM0044Bowie
6320-14-001RMC - 632014001UA0090Gonzales
6320-22-001RMC - 632022001IH0030Dallas
6320-53-001RMC - 632053001US0080Dallas
6320-62-001RMC - 632062001IH0035EDallas
6320-65-001RMC - 632065001UA0090Gonzales
6320-71-001RMC - 632071001IH0030Rockwall
6320-77-001RMC - 632077001US0069Jefferson
6321-10-001RMC - 632110001IH0035Travis
6321-84-001RMC - 632184001SH0146Galveston
6321-87-001RMC - 632187001IH0035Webb
6322-28-001RMC - 632228001US0067Bowie
6322-45-001RMC - 632245001US0277Maverick
6322-52-001RMC - 632252001US0090Kinney
6322-54-001RMC - 632254001SH0071Bastrop
6322-84-001RMC - 632284001US0281Burnet
6322-96-001RMC - 632296001IH0027Hale
6323-02-001RMC - 632302001US0290Washington
6323-16-001RMC - 632316001US0287Houston
6323-29-001RMC - 632329001US0281Blanco
6323-36-001RMC - 632336001SH0087Sabine
6323-42-001RMC - 632342001IH0035Travis


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