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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 88)
Control Project Highway County
0001-04-094NH 1502(154)US 62El Paso
0007-04-122NH 1502(080)IH 20Eastland
0016-02-138STP 1502(144)HESIH 35Hays
0028-03-100STP 1502(169)HESUS 90Liberty
0030-06-056NH 1502(077)US 60Hemphill
0033-06-106NH 1502(290)US 83Taylor
0041-07-104NH 1502(078)US 87Potter
0047-06-133STP 1502(083)MMUS 75Collin
0050-06-079NH 1502(175)US 290Harris
0055-06-031STP 2013(582)US 84Coryell
0068-07-050NH 1502(194)US 87Howard
0092-02-123BR 1502(088)SH 310Dallas
0092-03-048NH 1502(089)IH 45Ellis
0110-04-193NH 1502(119)IH 45Montgomery
0143-08-087NH 1502(122)US 87De Witt
0155-01-038NH 1502(123)US 183De Witt
0159-01-041NH 1502(369)US 277Tom Green
0177-05-093NH 1502(125)IH 69Montgomery
0184-04-046NH 2015(598)SL 363Bell
0187-03-064NH 1502(127)SH 36Austin
0203-03-042STP 1502(131)US 69Rains
0206-07-057NH 1502(132)US 79Rusk
0237-03-032STP 1502(157)SH 44Webb
0305-03-041STP 1502(136)HESSH 87Newton
0324-02-022STP 2015(535)SH 95Lavaca
0341-02-046STP 1502(212)US 287Polk
0353-05-082CM 1502(091)SL 12Dallas
0400-02-048STP 1502(137)SH 19Hopkins
0495-07-072NH 1502(139)IH 20Gregg
0506-01-103NH 1502(140)FM 60Brazos
0507-02-053STP 1502(150)HESFM 631San Patricio
0540-06-015BR 1502(142)FM 1373Robertson
0548-04-019STP 1502(193)SH 176Howard
0550-03-024STP 2015(770)HESFM 914Erath
0577-01-028STP 1502(146)HESRM 386Mason
0809-04-046BR 1502(202)US 96San Augustine
0824-03-016STP 1502(099)HESFM 172Clay
0838-03-023BR 1502(200)FM 361Fort Bend
0907-00-161STP 1502(163)VATom Green
0909-38-072BR 1402(049)CRFalls
0913-09-053BR 2012(407)CRWharton
0913-20-085BR 2012(166)CRAustin
0913-27-064BR 2014(977)CRVictoria
0914-00-343NH 1502(147)VATravis
0914-04-292STP 2015(604)HESCSTravis
0920-00-117STP 1502(181)VAJefferson
0921-06-248BR 2012(283)CRCameron
0923-24-013BR 2013(762)CRMcCulloch
0986-01-042BR 1502(149)FM 619Williamson
1102-01-042STP 1502(081)SH 71McCulloch
1284-01-070STP 1502(182)FM 1130Orange
1302-01-022STP 1502(203)HESFM 1160Wharton
1451-01-020BR 2005(274)FM 55Ellis
1718-01-034STP 1502(162)SH 349Midland
1808-01-028STP 1502(152)HESFM 534Live Oak
2429-01-011STP 1502(153)HESFM 2508Jim Wells
2959-01-009STP 1502(185)HESFM 706Angelina
3510-05-036CC 3510-5-36SH 99Harris
4704-01-392CBC - 470401392Brown
6274-18-001BPM - 627418001SH0164McLennan
6276-99-001RMC - 627699001MR0686Howard
6279-01-001RMC - 627901001SH0031Henderson
6280-64-001BPM - 628064001SH0021Houston
6280-99-001RMC - 628099001IH0020Eastland
6282-04-001RMC - 628204001IH0020Martin
6282-12-001RMC - 628212001IH0010Harris
6282-28-001RMC - 628228001IH0037Nueces
6282-90-001RMC - 628290001IH0020Eastland
6282-92-001RMC - 628292001IH0010El Paso
6283-47-001RMC - 628347001US0059Fort Bend
6283-86-001RMC - 628386001US0059Fort Bend
6283-88-001RMC - 628388001US0067Brown
6284-15-001RMC - 628415001524Brazoria
6284-19-001RMC - 628419001US0083Taylor
6284-76-001RMC - 628476001IH0035Cooke
6284-77-001RMC - 628477001IH0044Wichita
6284-99-001RMC - 628499001US0067Brewster
6285-49-001RMC - 628549001LP0375El Paso
6285-52-001RMC - 628552001SH0071Wharton
6285-53-001RMC - 628553001US0077Victoria
6285-54-001RMC - 628554001SH0111De Witt
6285-58-001RMC - 628558001US0082Wichita
6286-67-001RMC - 628667001RM0012Hays
6286-73-001RMC - 628673001FM1074San Patricio
6286-79-001RMC - 628679001US0183Stephens
6286-80-001RMC - 628680001US0190Lampasas
6286-81-001RMC - 628681001US0084Mills
6286-97-001RMC - 628697001US0190Jasper


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