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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 70)
Control Project Highway County
0013-02-020STP 2016(030)HESUS 81Montague
0043-04-078NH 2016(014)US 287Hardeman
0047-06-157NH 2016(089)US 75Collin
0048-08-049NH 2016(091)IH 35EEllis
0049-09-068STP 2016(085)BS 6-RBrazos
0054-07-069STP 1302(079)RGSUS 84Brown
0081-13-041STP 2016(093)MMIH 35WDenton
0096-08-053STP 1602(079)HESUS 80Harrison
0152-03-056BR 1502(520)US 183Caldwell
0155-04-051STP 2015(887)US 183Goliad
0179-07-026STP 2016(049)HESSH 35Matagorda
0187-05-059STP 2016(054)SS 10Fort Bend
0199-04-068STP 2016(055)HESUS 69Angelina
0213-03-097STP 2013(515)US 190Polk
0254-01-141NH 2015(888)US 281Live Oak
0269-01-029STP 1502(135)US 77Fayette
0281-01-032STP 2016(096)SH 78Collin
0294-01-037NH 2016(028)US 62Gaines
0299-04-070STP 2016(066)HESUS 277Maverick
0328-06-029STP 2016(072)SH 97Atascosa
0407-05-025STP 2016(008)HESUS 277Taylor
0440-02-015CC 440-2-15SH 195Williamson
0442-02-157NH 2016(097)IH 35EDallas
0495-08-096NH 2016(083)IH 20Harrison
0558-04-021STP 2016(010)HESFM 669Howard
0610-02-052NH 2016(100)IH 30Franklin
0675-05-079NH 2016(088)IH 45Madison
0683-02-063STP 1502(596)RM 620Travis
0724-01-049STP 2013(586)FM 116Coryell
0752-06-022STP 2016(103)FM 147Limestone
0836-02-070NH 2015(873)SH 195Bell
0870-04-038STP 2016(071)FM 765Concho
0904-00-157STP 2016(012)VAPotter
0907-00-161STP 1502(163)VATom Green
0909-36-148STP 2015(782)HESCSBell
0914-00-367NH 2016(104)VATravis
0914-33-071BR 2016(249)CRHays
0915-15-096C 915-15-96VAKerr
0916-00-079STP 1502(438)VANueces
1202-01-017STP 1502(073)FM 972Williamson
1441-01-012BR 2016(062)FM 1457Fayette
2263-03-040FBD 2263-3-40SH 361Nueces
2350-01-041C 2350-1-41US 77Victoria
3136-01-161NH 2016(065)SL 1Travis
6281-36-001RMC - 628136001US0290Washington
6283-77-001RMC - 628377001SH0288Brazoria
6284-85-001RMC - 628485001IH0610Harris
6286-42-001RMC - 628642001SH0249Harris
6286-49-001RMC - 628649001FM1764Galveston
6288-05-001RMC - 628805001IH0010El Paso
6288-66-001RMC - 628866001SH0103San Augustine
6289-06-001RMC - 628906001SH0361Nueces
6289-38-001RMC - 628938001IH0035Webb
6289-48-001RMC - 628948001FM1119Leon
6289-90-001RMC - 628990001US0290Waller
6290-10-001RMC - 629010001US0075Grayson
6290-33-001RMC - 629033001US0082Lamar
6290-34-001RMC - 629034001IH0030Hunt
6290-35-001RMC - 629035001SH0011Hopkins
6290-46-001RMC - 629046001US0059Fort Bend
6290-62-001RMC - 629062001US0059Wharton
6290-63-001RMC - 629063001US0059Victoria
6290-65-001RMC - 629065001FM1372Madison
6290-70-001RMC - 629070001IH0027Swisher
6290-95-001RMC - 629095001SH0146Galveston
6291-29-001RMC - 629129001FM3031Childress
6291-38-001RMC - 629138001IH0040Potter
6291-54-001RMC - 629154001RM0165Blanco
6291-96-001RMC - 629196001FM0472Frio
6292-94-001RMC - 629294001IH0010Guadalupe


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