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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 49)
Control Project Highway County
0001-02-056STP 2015(501)HESSH 20El Paso
0016-04-109STP 2015(359)HESIH 35Comal
0030-05-063STP 2015(471)US 83Hemphill
0117-01-046NH 2015(530)SH 21Brazos
0123-05-014STP 2015(531)US 84Rusk
0183-01-037STP 2015(486)SH 36Comanche
0195-01-098BR 2015(470)IH 35Cooke
0254-01-137NH 2015(527)US 281Live Oak
0286-01-055NH 2015(492)SH 80Hays
0348-01-013STP 2015(536)SH 80Gonzales
0355-04-039STP 2015(587)SH 15Ochiltree
0508-07-286CC 508-7-286SS 330Harris
0749-04-011STP 2015(537)FM 1533Delta
0790-03-023STP 2015(456)SH 15Sherman
0902-20-109NH 2015(488)VAWise
0905-06-093NH 2015(474)VALubbock
0915-12-439BR 2007(638)CRBexar
0925-00-063STP 2015(480)VAChildress
1155-01-016STP 2015(491)FM 846Martin
2174-01-016STP 2015(479)FM 2311McLennan
3409-01-004STP 2015(481)FM 3481Bell
4704-01-383CBC - 470401383Williamson
6270-53-001RMC - 627053001IH0010El Paso
6272-55-001BPM - 627255001SL0281Harrison
6274-07-001BPM - 627407001US0082Grayson
6274-13-001BPM - 627413001FM0671Caldwell
6274-34-001RMC - 627434001FM2936Chambers
6276-23-001RMC - 627623001US0183Williamson
6276-67-001RMC - 627667001IH0010Jefferson
6277-28-001RMC - 627728001SH0071Fayette
6277-58-001RMC - 627758001IH0035WDenton
6277-70-001RMC - 627770001US0059Angelina
6277-73-001RMC - 627773001FM1486Montgomery
6279-23-001RMC - 627923001FM0522Brazoria
6279-45-001RMC - 627945001SH0036Austin
6280-84-001RMC - 628084001IH0035WJohnson
6280-86-001RMC - 628086001FM0917Johnson
6280-89-001RMC - 628089001IH0020Parker
6280-90-001RMC - 628090001US0180Palo Pinto
6280-93-001RMC - 628093001FM0209Young
6280-96-001RMC - 628096001US0067Somervell
6280-97-001RMC - 628097001SH0114Wise
6281-29-001RMC - 628129001FM1847Cameron
6281-41-001RMC - 628141001US0084Brown
6281-46-001RMC - 628146001SH0360Tarrant
6281-57-001RMC - 628157001IH0020Tarrant
6281-66-001RMC - 628166001IH0010Kerr
6281-72-001RMC - 628172001US0090Uvalde
6281-73-001RMC - 628173001IH0010Kendall


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