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Unofficial Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 60)
Control Project Highway County
0006-05-114STP 1602(551)HESIH 20Taylor
0008-13-231STP 2016(994)HESIH 20Tarrant
0025-02-210BR 1602(546)IH 10Bexar
0119-02-020STP 1602(450)HESSH 21Sabine
0187-05-048STP 1602(587)MMSS 10Fort Bend
0209-04-031BR 1602(589)FM 1963Falls
0212-03-057STP 1602(409)TAPSFM 158Brazos
0215-06-037STP 1602(548)SH 46Kendall
0237-03-030BR 1602(506)SH 44Webb
0250-03-046STP 1602(432)US 281Erath
0315-12-013STP 1602(410)HESGFM 1155Washington
0398-03-058STP 2016(834)SH 317McLennan
0508-01-341NH 1602(464)IH 10Harris
0643-05-027BR 2016(971)FM 3090Grimes
0716-01-045STP 1602(469)HESFM 109Austin
0783-02-091BR 1602(574)SL 289Lubbock
0913-20-087BR 1502(358)CRAustin
0914-18-091BR 2014(689)CSBastrop
0917-17-058BR 1502(026)CRGrimes
0922-33-157BR 2016(736)CRWebb
0924-35-022NH 1602(501)VABrewster
1378-01-036STP 1602(494)HESRM 1431Travis
1537-01-016STP 1602(496)HESFM 1624Lee
2721-02-013STP 1602(588)FM 3116Jones
3010-02-014STP 1502(548)HESFM 2738Johnson
4704-01-505CBC - 470401505Travis
4704-01-611CBC - 470401611Travis
4704-01-645CBC - 470401645Cass
4704-01-651CBC - 470401651Nueces
4704-01-685CBC - 470401685Tom Green
4704-01-724CBC - 470401724Uvalde
4704-02-993CBC - 470402993Reeves
6267-33-001RMC - 626733001IH0020Tarrant
6275-39-001RMC - 627539001FM0027Limestone
6283-26-001BPM - 628326001IH0035WTarrant
6293-93-001RMC - 629393001US0377Erath
6295-93-001RMC - 629593001SH0004Cameron
6298-90-001RMC - 629890001US0075Collin
6299-00-001RMC - 629900001US0075Collin
6299-08-001RMC - 629908001US0080Dallas
6299-93-001RMC - 629993001US0067Dallas
6301-11-001RMC - 630111001FM0055Navarro
6301-22-001RMC - 630122001IH0020Ector
6301-25-001RMC - 630125001IH0020Parker
6301-27-001RMC - 630127001SH0006Brazos
6301-58-001RMC - 630158001RM0169Presidio
6302-57-001RMC - 630257001IH0020Taylor
6303-27-001RMC - 630327001US0059Angelina
6303-38-001RMC - 630338001US0259Gregg
6303-68-001RMC - 630368001FM0730Wise
6304-20-001RMC - 630420001RM0012Hays
6304-22-001RMC - 630422001SH0011Hopkins
6304-26-001RMC - 630426001SH0091Grayson
6304-28-001RMC - 630428001SH0304Bastrop
6304-33-001BPM - 630433001RM1431Burnet
6304-35-001RMC - 630435001US0190Bell
6304-82-001BPM - 630482001FM0812Bastrop
6304-89-001RMC - 630489001FM2657Burnet
6304-92-001RMC - 630492001IH0030Hunt
6305-36-001RMC - 630536001IH0020Eastland


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