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Additional Rates

The following tables list flight services rates for government officials and employees. We also offer estimated costs and times for specific information on flights between Austin and other Texas cities. For scheduling, maintenance or general information, please call (512) 936-8900.

Note: The rates in the tables below became effective Dec. 1, 2016.

Flight and Pilot Services

Service Type Aircraft Cost
Aircraft and Pilot Beechcraft King Air 200 $1,199 per flight hour*
Aircraft and Pilot Cessna Single Engines $500 per flight hour*
Pilots Only Captains and Co-Pilots $300 per day*

* For overnight travel add pilot per diem.

Ancillary Expenses

Service Cost
Co-Pilot Fee $300 per day (based on a 24-hour clock)
Fuel Surcharge $29 per flight hour
External Fuel Charge External vs internal cost differential for fuel purchased during trip
Pilot Pier Diem Travel Expenses As applicable

Quotes will be provided using the projected expenses Co-Pilot Fee and Fuel Surcharge. All estimates are subject to change due to unanticipated variables such as weather, reroutes and air traffic control restrictions. Please contact Flight Services with any additional questions.

Aircraft Maintenance

Service Type Aircraft Cost
Labor Helicopter $87 per hour (surge rate may apply)
Labor Fixed Wing $71 per hour (surge rate may apply)
Labor Aircraft Cleaning $35 per hour
Parts Aircraft Cost including freight plus 20 percent mark-up or $600.00 per part, whichever is less
Misc. Shop Supplies Expendable Items 18 percent of labor costs or $120.00 per work order, whichever is less
Outside Services Aircraft Cost including freight plus 8 percent mark-up

Hangar Rental

Type Aircraft Cost Per Month
Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Turbine $1,000
Helicopter - 3 or 4 Blade $600
Helicopter - 2  Blade $325
Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Piston
Fixed Wing Single Engine $350

Fuel and Oil

Note: Effective Dec. 1, 2015.

Fuel Cost
Jet-A Cost plus $1.85 per gallon
AvGas Cost plus $1.85 per gallon
Aeroshell Turbine Oil 500
Cost plus $0.60 per quart
Mobile Jet II Oil Cost plus $0.60 per quart
Aeroshell 100W Oil Cost plus $0.60 per quart
Aeroshell Non-Detergent Oil Cost plus $0.60 per quart