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TxDOT Sunset Bill (SB 1420)

The start of a new year means review of TxDOT’s progress on its Sunset Bill (S.B. 1420).

On Jan. 9, 2013, the Sunset Advisory Commission reviewed the progress of TxDOT’s implementation of Senate Bill 1420 (82nd Regular Session).

When a state agency goes through the Sunset process, the agency’s relevance and usefulness is reviewed. Based on that review, the Texas Legislature typically drafts legislation to improve the operations of the agency.

Compliance Report

The Sunset Advisory Commission’s Compliance Report (see PDF pages 8, 21, 22) as well as the Sunset Advisory Commission Recommendations Report are both available for your review.

The successful implementation of Senate Bill 1420 brings pride to the department and speaks to the professionalism and dedication of TxDOT employees.

83rd Legislative Session

In addition, TxDOT’s 83rd Legislative Session webpage is now available and is a one-stop source for information on transportation funding, projects, and policy issues.

The Transportation Commission and TxDOT staff look forward to working with the Texas Legislature this session on issues related to transportation policy.